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Alexander Strohmaier

School of Mathematics
University of Leeds

Room: 11.10
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438884
Email: A.Strohmaier @ leeds.ac.uk

ESI-Programme: "Spectral Theory and Mathematical Relativity" (June-Aug 2023)

Conference: "Global Harmonic Analysis" (Sept. 8-11, 2022)

International intensive course on Dirac operators (May 16 - May 27, 2022)

Fredholm Theory for Non-Elliptic Operators (3-7 June 2019)

Mathematical Methods in Inverse Scattering and Spectral Theory (Sept. 2017)

ESI-Programme "Modern Theory of Wave Equations" (July-Sept. 2015)

Scattering Theory and Wave Equations (June 2014)

Spectral Geometry, Chaos and Dynamics (Sept. 2013)

Numerical and Computational Aspects of Spectral Geometry (April 2011)

    If you are interested to do a PhD in my field please contact me. For possible areas please see my research page.

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