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Plenary Lectures
Anne Condon Anne Condon (Vancouver): Computational challenges in prediction and design of nucleic acid structure Steve Cook  Stephen Cook (Toronto): Low Level Reverse Mathematics

Winner 2006
John L. Synge Award

Yuri Ershov  Yuri Ershov (Novosibirsk): HF-Computability Wolfgang Maass  Wolfgang Maass (Graz): Theoretical Aspects of Biological Computation
Sophie Laplante  Sophie Laplante (Paris): Quantum vs Classical Theories: Simulating Quantum Correlations with Classical Resources Anil Nerode  Anil Nerode (Cornell): Logic and Control
Penrose  Roger Penrose (Oxford): The Issue of Non-Computability in Physical Laws Michael 
Rathjen  Michael Rathjen (Leeds): Theories and Ordinals in Proof Theory
Dana Scott  Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon): Looking to the Future

Sponsored Lecture

Soare  Robert I. Soare (Chicago): Computability and Incomputability
Philip Welch  Philip Welch (Bristol): Turing Unbound: Transfinite Computation Piergiorgio  Piergiorgio Odifreddi (Torino) -
Conference Introductory Lecture
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