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Conference themes and location: Computability has played a crucial role in mathematics and computer science, leading to the discovery, understanding and classification of decidable/undecidable problems, paving the way to the modern computer era, and affecting deeply our view of the world. Recent new paradigms of computation, based on biological and physical models, address in a radically new way questions of efficiency and challenge assumptions about the so-called Turing barrier.

CiE 2007 will address various aspects of the ways computability and theoretical computer science enable scientists and philosophers to deal with mathematical and real world issues, ranging through problems related to logic, mathematics, physical processes, real computation and learning theory. At the same time it will focus on different ways in which computability emerges from the real world, and how this affects our way of thinking about everyday computational issues. List of conference topics.

CiE 2007 is hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science "Roberto Magari" of the University of Siena, a leading research institution in logic and computability theory, with links to a number of other Italian research centres strong in the computational sciences. News.

Submission of papers: Jan. 12, 2007
Notification of authors: Feb. 16, 2007
Deadline for final revisions: Mar. 9, 2007
register Submission of informal presentations: Apr. 27, 2007
Deadline for early registration: May 18, 2007
Post-conference special issues of journals deadline: October 1, 2007

 Invited plenary speakers: Tutorials: Pieter Adriaans (Amsterdam), Kobi Benenson (Harvard). Plenary lectures: Anne Condon (Vancouver), Stephen Cook (Toronto), Yuri Ershov (Novosibirsk), Wolfgang Maass (Graz), Sophie Laplante (Paris), Anil Nerode (Cornell), George Odifreddi (Turin), Roger Penrose (Oxford), Michael Rathjen (Leeds), Dana Scott (Carnegie Mellon), Robert I. Soare (Chicago), Philip Welch (Bristol).

Programme Committee: M. Agrawal (Kanpur), M. Arslanov (Kazan), G. Ausiello (Roma), A. Bauer (Ljubljana), A. Beckmann (Swansea), U. Berger (Swansea), A. Cantini (Firenze), B. Cooper (Leeds, co-chair), L. Crosilla (Firenze), J. Diaz (Barcelona), C. Dimitracopoulos (Athens), F. Ferreira (Lisbon), S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk), P. Grünwald (Amsterdam), D. Harel (Rehovot), A. Hodges (Oxford), J. Kempe (Paris), G. Longo (Paris), B. Löwe (Amsterdam), J. Makowsky (Haifa), E. Mayordomo Cámara (Zaragoza), W. Merkle (Heidelberg), F. Montagna (Siena), D. Normann (Oslo), T. Pheidas (Heraklion), G. Rozenberg (Leiden), G. Sambin (Padova), H. Schwichtenberg (München), W. Sieg (Carnegie Mellon), A. Sorbi (Siena, co-chair), I. Soskov (Sofia), P. van Emde Boas (Amsterdam).

Organisers: M. Affatato, G. Barmpalias, B. Cooper, T. Flaminio, G. Gherardi, T. Kent, A. Lewis, B. Löwe, F. Montagna, A. Sorbi, L. Spada, and the Servizio Congressi of the University of Siena.

CCA 2007: The 2007 Computability and Complexity in Analysis Conference, June 16 - 18, will be co-located in Siena with CiE 2007. The conference will be held at the College Santa Chiara.

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