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EU Future and Emerging Technologies Open Scheme (FET-OPEN)

CiE members seeking participation in a future FET Open Call proposal:

Andrej Brodnik (andrej.brodnik @ would be interested to participate in the call. Topic would be data structures and particular novel models of computation (e.g. RAMBO).
Giovanni Di Crescenzo (Telcordia Technologies, giovanni @ would be interested in interacting with CiE members on research proposals in the following topics: cryptography, complexity-based cryptography and interactive proof systems; also, in facilitating interactions among CiE members and colleagues in his company's research center in Poland on the same topics and more (i.e., distributed computing, algorithms, etc.)
Michael Huber (michael.huber @ would also be interested in collaborating with other CiE members, eg on a FET open call.
Luis Antunes (lfa @ would also be interested in a future FET or other funding proposal. He has been working on Kolmogorov Complexity (new information measures), theoretical cryptography and generally computational complexity.
Artur Garcez (aag @ wouldd be interested in collaborating with other CiE members, eg on a FET open call. He is particularly interested in new (nonclassical) models of computation (including neural networks).
Gabriel Istrate would like to collaborate with other CiE members in a FET or any other funding proposal. His core research topic has been that of phase transitions in combinatorial optimization problems. He is generally interested in discrete models of Complex Systems, as well as computational complexity. A list of his publications can be seen at His professional email address is gabrielistrate @

CiE members seeking participants in a future FET Open Call proposal:

Mike Stannett (m.stannett @, who organises the Hypercomputation Research Network and its associated activities funded by the HyperNet research project, is assembling a list of potential collaborators for a proposal for a FET research network on hypercomputational issues.

FET 09: The European Future Technologies Conference, 21-23 April, 2009, Prague

Other information:

Relevant to CiE in Framework 7 is the new IDEAS programme , administered by the newly formed European Research Council (ERC)
Overview of the Framework 7 PEOPLE programme , including links to specific calls for Marie Curie actions
More detailed information on People and Marie Curie calls
European Science Foundation (ESF) programme COST - European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research - COST invites proposals for Actions contributing to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal development of Europe. Developing stronger links amongst European researchers is crucial to building the European Research Area (ERA). COST stimulates new, innovative, interdisciplinary and broad research networks in Europe. COST activities are carried out by research teams to strengthen the foundations for building scientific excellence in Europe. Proposers may wish to contact their national COST Coordinator (CNC) for information and guidance.
Next collection date for Preliminary Proposals: 27 March 2009, 17:00 (Brussels time).
ESF Research Networking Programmes - 2008 Call closed, but another call expected autumn 2009.
And EUROCORES (European Collaborative Research) which enables researchers to work in joint research projects with colleagues in other European countries and beyond, whilst the funding remains national. The EUROCORES Programmes within the scheme address research questions which require cooperation crossing national borders and disciplinary boundaries. 2009 should see a new call for outline proposals for EUROCORES themes.

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