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CACM article
His Work and Impact

wins top prize at the 2013 PROSE Awards (The American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence)

button Some NEWS REPORTS: The Wall Street Journal - Scientific Computing - Market Watch - Law Street - Elsevier Connect - Publishers Weekly - Association of American Publishers - Communications of the A.C.M.

button RESEARCH INTERESTS : Mathematical logic (see Mathematical Logic Around the World); space COMPUTABILITY THEORY and applications to science and the humanities - see papers Incomputability in Nature, Clockwork or Turing U/universe, Computability and emergence, Definability as hypercomputational effect, or Alan Turing and Enigmatic Statistics (pdf files); complexity theory; combinatorics and graph theory.
A short computability in context reading list.
See the February 2005 University of Leeds Reporter for a rather journalistic slant on incomputability.
Or how about a March 2013 talk in a pub on Alan Turing: The Building of a Brain
For the record, here's my Amazon author page
And a June 2013 Elsevier Connect interview for launch of Alan Turing - His Work and Impact


button Recent PREPRINTS, PAPERS AND TALKS etc. See also books:
Computability Theory book How the World Computes TAMC 2012 NCP LC06 Review by Professor Jeff Paris in London Mathematical Society Newsletter
Computability in Context Computability and Models book lncs TAMC 2007 Proceedings
TAMC 2006 Proceedings CiE 2005 Proceedings Computability, Enumerability, 
Unsolvability book Sets and Proofs Models and Computability Review by Jeremy Avigad in The Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Review by Jean-Paul Allouche in the European Mathematical Society Newsletter

Review by Charles Ashbacher in the Mathematical Association of America Reviews

TAMC 2014 Proceedings To buy:

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button Books in preparation:
  • S. B. Cooper and A. Hodges: The Once and Future Turing: Computing the World, Cambridge University Press
  • S. B. Cooper and A. Sorbi: Computing with Incomplete Information: The Mathematics of Enumeration and Positive Reducibilities , World Scientific Publishing
  • S. B. Cooper: Machines, Memes and Incomputability: Alan Turing's Other Great Legacy , World Scientific Publishing
button Editorial Boards of journals:
button Current and recent research students:
Ingram Bondin - arrived in Leeds from Malta, in September 2013 - Demonstrating against censorship in 2010 and speaking at Front Against Censorship in Malta. Interests in higher type computability, and 0'''-priority arguments. thumbnail James Gay - arrived from Manchester Sept. 2012. Writing up some interesting results on linearisations of computable partial orderings, including answer to a question of R. Downey.
thumbnail James Riley - Leeds graduate, started PhD in 2012. Has interesting results concerning the structure of the Δ02 Turing degrees. thumbnail David Toth - Arrived in Leeds from Imperial College, London in September 2014 with a Master of Engineering degree in Computing (Artificial Intelligence) ... interested in connections between computability and AI.
thumbnail Ahmet Cevik - arrived Leeds from Ankara, Turkey - more info ... successfully defended his thesis on Π01-classes in July 2014. Liliana Badillo - Arrived in Leeds from sunny Mexico in October 2009, read Los Detectives Salvajes - had art classes at Frida Kahlo's house (spot logician Jan van Heijenoort) - graduated October 2013!
thumbnail Stijn Vermeeren - arriving from Aarschot, Belgium, via Part 3 at Cambridge, Oct. 2009 - represented Belgium in Int. Mathematical Olympiad! Hiking in Scotland, February 2013 Kyung Il Lee - arrived in Leeds from Western Illinois University in September, 2006. Married April 2007. My students at CiE07. March 2008 - Hyun Jin has a baby! - Chae-Un. Graduated 2012, now lecturing in Seoul
thumbnail Phil Ellison - arrived from Cambridge Sept. 2007 - graduated 2011 with a PhD Thesis on Structural Properties of Generalised Jump Classes. thumbnail Charles Harris - we seek him here, we seek him there ... but caught (with Andrea Sorbi) by Bahareh at CiE 2006. Another at CiE06. Back in Leeds as an EPSRC Fellow from Oct. 2008 to 2011 - now in Bristol
thumbnail Mariya Soskova - speaking. On steam bus in Whitby Feb, 2006. At Great Wall, and Forbidden City. Bletchley Park, 2006. CiE06. Singapore. CiE07. Olympos 2007. Sofia 2008. Dr M. I. Soskova - now in Berkeley thumbnail George Barmpalias - on holiday in Greece - and back in the Leeds winter, working with Andy Lewis. Our favourite photo of George and Elaine. In New Zealand Oct. 2007-08 ... then Amsterdam ... now Beijing
thumbnail Anthony Morphett from Melbourne. George and Elaine's housewarming, June 2006 - and Great Wall, Simatai, 2006. Colossus rebuild, Bletchley. CiE06 RatPack - now lecturing back in Australia bahareh Bahareh Afshari - at home in Tehran, with some light reading. Mashhad, New Year 2005-06. A wild winters day, Whitby beach. Concentrating, IPM, Tehran, 2006. Now in Oxford
thumbnail Andrew E M Lewis - at a conference in Kazan, July, 2004. At Badaling, China, 2006. Royal Society advanced fellow in Leeds from Oct. 2007 - summer 2013. Now at LSE in London thumbnail Benedict Durrant - 'arrived' from sunny Leeds, October 2010 ... His 2014 PhD Thesis was: The Meet Property in Local Degree Structures - congratulations Dr Durrant !
thumbnail Matthew B Giorgi - back in the UK (but sadly not Leeds) from two years in Siena

button Current and recent courses:
MATH0111: Elementary Differential Calculus
Available class handouts
MATH1060: Introductory Linear Algebra
Available class handouts, currently only via the VLE
MATH3163/ 5164: Computability and Unsolvability
Available class handouts (for 2011-12)
MATH3102: Mathematical Logic 2
Available class handouts (for 2010-11)
MATH3032: Graph Theory
Available class handouts (for 2009-10)
MATH2040: Mathematical Logic 1
Available class handouts (for 2005-06)
MATH2210: Intro. to Discrete Mathematics
Available class handouts (for 2004-05)

button Some biographical notes (very out-of-date)- and some not-so-recent conference photographs.

button Some seminars of interest: Leeds Logic Seminar , the Computability Theory Seminar and the SIGLaC - Special Interest Group in Logic and Computation - seminars

button Opportunities for postgraduate research in logic at Leeds - and a brief genealogy

button Information on the association Computability In Europe - and its first nine conferences CiE 2005, CiE 2006, CiE 2007, CiE 2008, CiE 2009, CiE 2010, CiE 2011, CiE 2012, CiE 2013 and CiE 2014
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Many thanks to everyone who visited my sponsor page for the 2010 London Marathon - we raised over 1,690 pounds for Age Concern, a great result.
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