Postdocs and Graduate Students

  • Postdocs:

    Catherine Bonnet (1993-94) Identification and approximation of stabilizable systems
    Nick Dudley Ward (1993-96) Robust approximation and identification of linear systems by means of wavelets
    Birgit Jacob (1998-2001) Applications of operator theory to the modelling of linear systems
    Alban Quadrat (2000-2001) Algebraic and analytic aspects of feedback stabilization
    Romesh Kumar (2002-2003) Functional analysis and operator theory
    Radoslaw Zawiski (2016-2018) Operator semigroup techniques in the control of delay systems
  • Ph.D. students:

    Namita Das (1990-93) Hankel and Toeplitz operators on Hardy and Bergman spaces
    Lai Qinsheng (1991-95) Weighted inequalities for some classical integral operators
    Banu Ünalmis (1995-99) Transform methods in operator theory
    Martin Smith (1999-2002) Approximation problems and operator theory in function spaces
    Zen Harper (2000-04) Hankel operators, convolutions and other operators related to linear systems
    Rachael Smith (2002-06) Spectral densities and invariant subspaces of operators
    Steven Barclay (2002-07) Banach spaces of analytic vector-valued functions
    Sam Elliott (2006-10) Composition operators and Aleksandrov-Clark measures
    Nazar Miheisi (2008-12) Convolution operators and function algebras
    Aolo Bashar Abusaksaka (2010-15) Properties of delay systems and diffusive systems
    Joshua Tattersall (2011-15) Toeplitz and Hankel operators on Hardy spaces of complex domains
    Andrzej Kucik (2013-17) Spaces of analytic functions on the complex half-plane
    Asmahan Alajyan (from 2016)
    Ryan O'Loughlin (from 2017)
  • M.Sc. students:

    John Mitchell (1990) Completing matrix contractions, with applications
    Michal Dostál (1992) Asymptotic behaviour of the eigenvalue sequences of certain positive operators
    Nik Nik Long (1996) Wavelets and the pyramid algorithm
    Fadhel Almalki (2014) Hardy spaces and composition operators
    Harry Coulter (2017) The Pick interpolation problem

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