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  • Material from past courses:
    MATH 0242 elementary statistical formulae (PDF)
    MATH 1331 Linear Algebra with Applications.   Lecture Notes (PDF)
    CIVE 1619 Preparatory Mathematics for Engineers.   Lecture notes (PDF)   Formula sheet (PDF)
    MATH 2021 Complex Analysis.   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)
    MATH 2080 Further Linear Algebra.   Lecture notes (PDF)   Handout (PDF)
    MATH 2090 Real and Complex Analysis.   Handout (PDF)
    MATH 2200 Linear Algebra 2.   Handout (PDF)
    MATH 3044 Number Theory.   Handout (PDF)
    MATH 3181 Inner-product and Metric Spaces.   Handout (PDF)
    MATH 3210 Metric Spaces.   Lecture notes (PDF)
    MATH 3214 Fourier Analysis.   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)   Handout 3 (PDF)
    MATH 3224 Topology.   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)   Handout 3 (PDF)  
    MATH 3263 Hilbert spaces.   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)
    MATH 4020 Banach spaces and algebras.   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)

    Graduate course in Analysis (Wavelets) .   Handout (PDF)
    Graduate course in Analysis (Wavelets and Operator Theory).   Handout 1 (PDF)   Handout 2 (PDF)
    Graduate course in Analysis (Banach spaces and Operator Theory).   Handout (PDF)
    Graduate course in Analysis (Spaces of Analytic Functions).   Handout (PDF)   Problem sheets (PDF)
    Graduate course in Analysis (Classical Wavelet Theory).   Lecture Notes (PDF)   Example sheets 1 and 2 (PDF)
    York/Leeds Graduate Lectures in Analysis (part 4).   Lecture Notes (PDF)

    Mini-course on Infinite-dimensional systems, Dalfsen, May 2004.   Notes (PDF)   Diagram (PDF)
    Mini-course on Interpolation in Hardy spaces, with applications, Le Touquet, August-September 2010.   Notes (PDF)
    Mini-course on Inner functions and operator theory, Seville, June 2014.   Tutorial paper (PDF)

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