Differential and difference equations, integrable systems, model theory

Small conference during the week of  September 24th to 28th, 2012,
At School of Mathematics, University of Leeds.
Organizers: A. Pillay, F.W. Nijhoff, A. V. Mikhailov
Contact Anand Pillay : pillay@maths.leeds.ac.uk  if you are interested in participating.

In addition to the organizers, current participants include:
Elisabeth Bouscaren (tentative), Zoe Chatzidakis, Peter Clarkson, Xiao-Shan Gao, Nalini Joshi, David Marker, Rahim Moosa, Alexey Ovchinnikov,  Michael Singer,  Michael Wibmer, Claudine Mitschi, Moshe Kamensky, Andrey Minchenko, Bernard Malgrange, Charlotte Hardouin, Davide Penazzi,  Ronnie
Nagloo, Dugald Macpherson, Ivan Tomasic, Vladimir Novikov, Chun-Ming Yuan.

All talks will be in the MALL on level 8 of the School  of Mathematics, except on Wednesday 26th talks will be in the Leonard Rodgers room, also on level 8.
Talks begin at 10 am on Monday 24th September and will finish in the early to mid afternoon on Friday 28th.  The afternoon of Thursday 27th will be free.
Here is a link to a campus map:  

The timetable is here

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