Differential Fields Workshop
8th - 10th June inclusive 2007
Roger Stevens Lecture Theatre 18
at the University of Leeds

This research workshop was supported by research funds from a Marie Curie Chair

Workshop Programme
(Follow the links to see the slides for the different talks.)

Friday 8th June
10 am. Jerry Kovacic, Differential schemes
11 am Franck Benoist, Schemes for rings with a Hasse derivation
12 - 2pm Lunch Break
2 pm Phyllis Cassidy,  Differential Algebraic Groups: examples as signposts along the route
3 pm Tea/Coffee
4 pm Anand Pillay,  Report on Sonat Suer's thesis on regular differential algebraic subgroups of the additive group in fields with several commuting derivations
4.30 pm Moshe Kamensky, Model theory of differential fibre functors
Saturday 9th June
9 am Jonathan Kirby, Exponential differential equations for semiabelian varieties
10 am Piotr Kowalski, Ax's Theorem for iterative Hasse fields
11 am Tea/coffee
11.30 am Anand Pillay, Lindemann-Weisterass for semiabelian varieties over function fields. (joint with D. Bertrand)
12.30 - 2pm Lunch Break
2 pm Michael Singer,  Differential dependence and differential groups
3 pm Tea/Coffee.
4 pm

Charlotte Hardouin, "Iterative q-difference Galois theory"

  Sunday 10th June
10 am Alex Wilkie, The valuation inequality, discrete multiplicative groups and the quasi-minimality of raising to Gaussian integer powers
11 am Rahim Moosa,  Hasse schemes and jets
12 - 2pm Lunch Break
2 pm, Thomas Scanlon, Algebraic relations among periodic points using ACFA.
3 pm Tea/Coffee
4 pm Zoe Chatzidakis,  Difference fields and algebraic dynamics
5 pm END


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