Around classification theory
Workshop at the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds
27th-30th June inclusive, 2008
Mathematics Active Learning Lab 1 and 2, Level 8, School of Maths.
10 am on 27th June

Friday 27th June

10 am John Baldwin (Univ. Illinois at Chicago), First order logic and infinitary logic.

11 am. Break

11.30 am Hirotaka Kikyo (Kobe), On the AE-axiomatization of generic structures.

12.30 - 2 Lunch

2 pm. Predrag Tanovic (Belgrade), Minimal first order structures.

3 pm Enrique Casanovas (Barcelona), On omega-categorical many sorted theories.

4 pm Break

4.30 pm Mirna Dzamonja (East Anglia), On SOP_n and triangle maximality properties.

Saturday 28th June

9.30 am. Itaï Ben Yaacov (Lyon), Continuous and random theories without the independence property.

10.30 am Break

11 am Ehud Hrushovski (Jerusalem), Metastability and NIP.

12 - 2 lunch

Short talks in the afternoon.

2 pm. Evgueni Vasilyev (Newfoundland), On pairs, and the geometry of thorn rank 1 structure.

2.30 pm Alexander Berenstein (National University, Bogota), Dense pairs and lovely pairs of o-minimal structures.

3 pm Gareth Boxall (Leeds), Superrosy lovely pairs.

3.30 pm Mario Edmundo (Lisbon), Pillay's conjecture for orientable definable groups in o-minimal structures.

4 pm Break.

4.30 pm Jakub Gismatullin (Wroclaw and Freiburg), Connected components of groups.

5 pm Artem Chernikov (Berlin and Lyon), On dividing and forking in theories without the independence property.

Saturday evening 8 pm onwards, Party in A. Pillay's house, 15 North Parade, Leeds, LS16 5AY

Sunday 29th June

9.30 am Chris Laskowski (Maryland), Decomposition of omega-stable theories.

10.30 am break.

11 am Alex Usvyatsov (Lisbon), On Morley sequences and strong Morley sequences in dependent theories.

12 - 2 lunch
2 pm. Anand Pillay (Leeds), Compact domination.

3pm Hans Adler (Leeds), Strong theories, burden, and weight.

4 pm Break.

4.30 pm Ludomir Newelski (Wroclaw), Weak generic types: measures and absoluteness issues.

Monday 30th June

9.30 am Krzysztof Krupinski (Illinois), Superrosy groups and fields.

10.30 am Break.

11 am Zoe Chatzidakis (Paris), Independence and imaginaries in (unbounded) PAC fields.

12 - 2 Lunch.

Short talks in the afternoon.

2 pm Meeri Kesala ( KGRC, University of Vienna), Simplicity in finitary abstract elementary classes

2.30 pm Andres Villaveces (National University, Bogota), Superstability for metric homogeneous structures.

3 pm Itay Kaplan (Jerusalem and Lyon), On fields without the independence property.

3.30 pm John Goodrick (Maryland), Monotonicity and dimension in dp-minimal groups.

4 pm Break

4.30 pm Assaf Hasson (Ben Gurion), Thorn minimal types in superrosy theories.

5 pm END

Conference Photographs
Photos taken by Hirotaka Kikyo.





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