New Perspectives in Representation Theory

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

1st - 2nd July, 2016


Gwyn Bellamy
Ivan Cherednik
Dan Ciubotaru
Pavel Etingof
Ian Grojnowski
Evgeny Gorsky
Sergey Oblezin
Junichi Shiraishi
Benoit Vicedo
Charles Young


Oleg Chalykh (Leeds) (email: )
Maxim Nazarov (York) (email: )


Friday 1st July, 2016

Lectures will take place in Lecture Theatre E (G.76) of the Chemisrty West Block building.

10.00-11.00: Charles Young (Hertfordshire)
Cyclotomic discriminantal arrangements of hyperplanes
11.00-11.30: TEA/COFFEE
11.30-12.30: Ian Grojnowski (Cambridge)
12.30-14.00: LUNCH
14.00-15.00: Junichi Shiraishi (Tokyo)
Hirota equations for Benjamin-Ono/ILW equations and coherent states associated with Macdonald polynomials
15.00-16.00: Dan Ciubotaru (Oxford)
Cells in Weyl groups and Dirac cohomology of rational Cherednik algebras
16.00-16.30: TEA/COFFEE
16.30-17.30: Sergey Oblezin (Nottingham)
Harmonic analysis and geometry of Whittaker patterns

18.30-onwards: Conference dinner at Sous le Nez restaurant.

Saturday 2nd July, 2016

Lectures will take place in MALL, School of Mathematics.

9.30-10.30: Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow)
Graded algebras admitting a triangular decomposition
10.30-11.00: TEA/COFFEE
11.00-12.00: Benoit Vicedo (Hertfordshire)
12.00-13.00: Pavel Etingof (MIT)
Minimal support modules over Cherednik algebras and applications
13.00-14.30: LUNCH
14.30-15.30: Evgeny Gorsky (UC Davis)
Khovanov-Rozansky homology and the flag Hilbert scheme
15.30-16.00: TEA/COFFEE
16.00-17.00: Ivan Cherednik (UNC Chapel Hill)
Unibranch plane curve singularities revisited


Registration is not required. However, if you wish to attend, please send an email to the organisers.

Financial Support:

Limited financial support is available, especially for students and early career researchers. Please contact the organisers for the details.


Participants will be required to book their own accommodation. For an advice on hotel bookings, etc., contact Oleg Chalykh (email: ).

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