Assignments in Applied Maths --- MATH5003/MATH5004

You should use this list as a guide - staff may be willing to supervise a project on a related topic. A red X by a project title indicates that it is not available in 2015/16.

Temporal dynamics of species-rich ecosystems - Dr S. Azaele

Making a splash with solitons - Prof O. Bokhove

Shocking shallow granular flows - Prof O. Bokhove

Nonlinear integrable equations and solitons - Dr O. Chalykh

Modelling animal movement - Dr M. Evans

Relaxation Shock Structures - Prof S. Falle

Integrable Maps - Prof A. Fordy

Continuous Groups of Transformations and Symmetries of Differential Equations - Prof A. Fordy

Modelling waves in the atmosphere and ocean - Dr S. Griffiths

Slender body theory - Dr O. Harlen

Acoustic scattering - Dr O. Harlen

Stretching filaments of polymeric fluids - Dr O. Harlen

Instabilities of Taylor-Couette flow - Prof R. Hollerbach

Calculus of Variations - Prof D. Hughes

MHD Shear Flow Instabilities - Prof D. Hughes

Models of Giant Planets - Prof C. Jones

Vortices - Prof C. Jones

Thermal Convection - Prof C. Jones

Integral Equations - Prof M. Kelmanson

Numerical analysis of spectral methods - Dr E. Kersale

Dynamics of accretion discs - Dr E. Kersale

Planetary motion in General Relativity - Prof S. Komissarov

Numerical differentiation - Prof D. Lesnic

Branching processes and mathematical medicine - Dr G. Lythe

Modelling opinion dynamics with the voter model - Dr M. Mobilia

How does our body defend itself against viral infections? Modelling T-cell activation - Prof C. Molina-Paris

Numerical solution of ordinary differential equations - Dr J. Niesen

Periodic Solutions of the N-body problem - Dr J. Niesen

The Magnus Expansion - Dr J. Niesen

The Evans function - Dr J. Niesen

Quantum discrete systems - Prof F. Nijhoff

Integrable dynamical mappings - Prof F. Nijhoff

Branched polymers in all shapes and sizes - Dr D. Read

Self-avoiding random walks on a lattice - Dr D. Read

Nonlinear dynamics of patterns - Prof A. Rucklidge

Speciation as a symmetry-breaking bifurcation - Prof A. Rucklidge

Synchronisation of nonlinear oscillators - Prof A. Rucklidge

The Birkhoff Ergodic Theorem - Dr R. Sturman

Mixing by Chaotic Advection (Pre-requisite: Nonlinear Dynamics or Dynamical Systems - Dr R. Sturman

The Mathematics of Musical Tuning - Dr R. Sturman

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Dr R. Sturman

Direct Statistical Simulation of Differential Equations - Prof S. Tobias