PhD students Leeds

    18. Yang (George) Lu, EU EID Eagre: high-seas wave-impact modelling, with Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, 11-2020-2023
    17. Wajiha Rehman, EU EID Eagre: high-seas wave-impact modelling, with Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, 11-2020-2023
    16. Jonathan Bolton, CDT Fluid Dynamics. Testing and optimising a novel wave-energy device. 2020-2023, with supervisors Duncan Borman and Harvey Thompso.
    15. Janet Peifer, Oct. 2018-2021, Numerical weather modelling of strongly rotating convection with phase changes. Co-supervisor with supervisor Steve Tobias, funding via Steve's ERC.
    14. Joseph Elmes, Oct. 2018-2021, Coastal oceanography. NERC DTP, co-supervisor with supervisor Stephen Griffiths.
    13. Dr Luca Cantarello, (Link pending) Modified shallow water models and idealised satellite data assimilation. Sept. 2017-2021, advisors Onno Bokhove and Steve Tobias, Gordon Inverarity and Stefano (Met Office) Thesis Graduated 2021. Now working at ECMWF

    12. Will(iam) Booker (EPSRC DTC Fluid Dynamics) on Internal gravity waves, 2015-2018.
    with Dr Mark Walkley (Leeds), Profs. Leo Maas (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Sybren Drijfhout (Southampton). Now working at Met Office

    11. Dr Erily Moulopoulou PhD Oct. 2014-2018
    Benchmark Modelling of Breaking 1D Waves and Dynamic Shingle Beaches (Funded NERC DTP, submitted Nov 2018; viva minor corrections passed on 15-01-2019)
    10. Dr Tomasz Salwa, On variational modelling of wave slamming by water waves. ESR/PhD European Industry Doctorate Sept. 2014-2018. Viva minor corrections Nov 2018.
    together with Prof. Mark Kelmanson (Leeds), Dr. Tim Bunnik & Geert Kapsenberg (MARIN)
    9. Dr Floriane Gidel, ESR/PhD European Industry Doctorate Sept. 2014-2018. Viva July 2018
    Dissertation Variational water-wave models and pyramidal freak waves. together with Prof. Mark Kelmanson (Leeds), Dr. Tim Bunnik & Geert Kapsenberg (MARIN)
    8. Dr Tom Kent, PhD Spring 2013-2016
    An idealised fluid model of NWP: dynamics and data assimilation. together with Prof. Steve Tobias (Leeds), Prof. Keith Ngan and Dr. Gordon Inverarity (Met Office). Dissertation 03-03-2017

Postdoctoral Investigators/Coordinators Leeds

    1. Anna Kalogirou, postdoc, FastFEM: fast ships in waves, EPSRC funded, June 30th 2014-2016.
    2. Tiffany Aslam (50%, PhD required), coordinator, EPSRC Living with Environmental Change network "Maths Foresees". May 2015-May 2018.
    3. Tom Kent on Wetropolis and EMPIRE, EPSRC Network/Impact Accelerator funded, 2016 till May/June.

MMath/MSc Students Leeds

    0. Kieran Newman, Modelling the transition of tides to bores. 2015. MSc. Now PhD in Liverpool.
    1. Chloe Baker, Making a splash with solitons. 2016/2017. MMath.
    2. Luke Barber, Wetropolis flood demonstrator. 2016/2017. Mmath.
    3. Lucy Todd, Shocking granular flows. 2017/2018. MMath.

PhD students Twente finished

    7. Elena Gagarina, Ph.D. 15-09-2010 to 03-10-2014. PI.
    "Compatible Schemes for Coastal Hydrodynamics". Funded by: NWO.
    Oct. 3rd 2014.
    6. Wenny Kristina, M.Sc.-Ph.D. 08-2007 to 02-10-2014 (1 yr teaching break), NWO. Co-PI
    Modelling of tsunami's. With Prof. Brenny van Groesen. Oct. 2nd 2014
    5. Shavarsh Nurijanyan, Ph.D. 01-11-2008/09-10-2013, STW. PI.
    "A numerical wave tank for complex wave and current interactions."
    Companies: MARIN/NIOZ/Deltares/Alkyon/TU Delft.
    4. Henk Sollie, Ph.D. 2003/16-04-2010.
    "Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Two-Fluid Modeling." With Jaap van der Vegt.
    3. Sander Rhebergen, funding: IMPACT Ph.D 2005/05-02-2010. Co-PI. Now in Waterlook, Canada.
    2. Vijaya Ambati, International M.Sc. (2002) and Ph.D. 2003/08-02-2008. PI.
    Funding: bonus for my KNAW-fellowship.
    "Space-time discontinous Galerkin method for Water-wave Equations." Postdoc with us. As of 07-2011: Researcher at Twister BV/Qatar Petroleum..
    1. Pablo Tassi, 2003/13-09-2007, PI
    Visiting Ph.D. student on an EU-Alban scholarship, co-supervision with Prof. Carlos Vionnet (Argentina). "Discontinous Galerkin method for Shallow Water Equations forecasting river flows." Postdoc in Paris. Now working at The EDF group in Paris.

Postdoctoral Investigators Twente

  • Dr. Thomas Weinhart August 2009-2011: DGFEM for Heterogeneous multiscale modelling of polydisperse, nonuniform dry granular flows. Funding by IMPACT. PI.
  • Anthony Thornton September 2009-2010. Now a lecturer at Mech. Eng. 3TU-funds.
  • Drs. Casper Buitendijk, June-September 2003.
  • Ir. Erik Bernsen, December 2003- July 2004. Discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximations of 2D vorticity equations with linear elliptic inversions and circulation. Now works at PDS.
  • Dr. Djoko Wirosoetisno, Postdoc funded in part by Twente Institute of Mechanics, Jan. 2002-July 2002. Now at University of Durham.
  • Dr. Mousa Al-Tarazi, April 2004- May 2005. Flow of granular matter in thin layers. PI. Impact Transition project. Postdoc Chemical Engineering with Prof. Hans Kuipers and dr. Martin van SintAnnaland.
  • Bert Vreman Dec. 2004- Jan. 2005 Impact postdoc on granular flows. Now at Akzo Nobel Arnhem. PI.
  • Dr. Micheline Abbas 2008-2010. Slurry flows in contractions. Impact transition project. Postdoc Chemical Engineering with Prof. Hans Kuipers and Martin van der Hoef. Now staff at FERMAT Institute, University of Toulouse. Co-PI.