Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Chair

    Geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD) concerns the fluid motions of the atmosphere and ocean, and environmental dynamics such as river and coastal flows. This includes river flood, beach erosion due to breaking waves, tides, and weather prediction.

    My particular interest is in the applied mathematics of environmantal fluid dynamics: design and testing of laboratory configurations for validation of mathematical models, computational techniques for PDEs (DGFEM), Hamiltonian fluid dynamics, and hydraulic solutions of hyperbolic systems. I also investigate geological and industrial problems related to GFD. Examples are safety of underground storage sites due to break throughs (of volcanic magma) and granular flows in blast furnaces.

      3 very accessible preprints on flood mitigation by Mark Kelmanson, Tom Kent & co.
    • On using flood-excess volume in flood mitigation, exemplified for the Aire River Boxing Day Flood of 2015, doi pending submission, 24pp, 2018.
    • On using flood-excess volume to assess natural flood management, exemplified for extreme 2007 and 2015 floods in Yorkshire, doi pending submission, 25pp, 2018.
    • Using flood-excess volume to show that upscaling beaver dams for protection against extreme floods proves unrealistic, doi pending submission, 10pp, 2018.
      Please ask about Postdoc, PhD or related MSc projects, some examples are:
    • NERC NPIF PhD funding deadline 06-07: AI for flood control in 21st century cities
    • Cockpit simulator for fast ships in heavy seas.
    • PhD: Dredging the depths of mathematics: dynamic beaches and sand bars (with data validation and applications in coastal hazard mitigation)