Nicholas Young

Research Professor
Department of Pure Mathematics
Leeds University

Research interests

Mathematical analysis, particularly operators on Hilbert space; complex analysis; H infinity control.

Current research

I am collaborating with Jim Agler (UC San Diego) and Zinaida Lykova (Newcastle University) on a) function theory of the symmetrised bidisc and b) the extension of some classical theorems of function theory to functions of two or more variables. I am also collaborating with Jim Agler and John McCarthy on noncommutative analysis.

Lecture at IWOTA 2018 in Shanghai

`The free Riemann surface of the noncommutative square root function'

Recent articles

My most recent papers are:

Click here for abstracts and bibliographic details of recent publications (1999-present).
Preprints of papers which have not yet appeared are on the eprint archive.

Here is my full publication list as a pdf file.

Some recent lectures

Former students

Professor Fang-bo Yeh, until recently President of Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan. Sadly he died suddenly in 2014.
Peter Quiggin. He works for a service company for the offshore oil industry. His thesis Generalisations of Pick's Theorem to Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces is available from Lancaster University Library, or alternatively from here .
David Ogle. He works in the nuclear power industry. Here is his thesis Operator and Function Theory of the Symmetrized Polydisc, 1999, in Newcastle University Library, or alternatively here.
Alaa Abouhajar. Her thesis Function theory related to H infinity control, is accessible in Newcastle University Library.

Contact details

My email address is N.J.Young (at sign)
I am also a Senior Research Investigator in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, Newcastle University.

Updated 25th February, 2018