Research in Applied Mathematics


I am currently a research fellow (0.5FTE, since August 2018) and teaching assistant (0.5FTE, since January 2018) in the School of Mathematics at the University of Leeds. Previously, I completed a PhD and held a short postdoctoral research position here, working with Onno Bokhove and Steve Tobias, before taking some time out for half a year travelling around the UK, Europe, and NZ.


My research interests concern the mathematical and statistical modelling of atmospheric and environmental phenomena, including (but not limited to!):

  • > geophysical fluid dynamics,
  • > numerical methods for (conservative and non-conservative) hyperbolic problems,
  • > hydraulic and shallow water-type modelling,
  • > data assimilation and filtering theory,
  • > numerical weather prediction,
  • > climate downscaling and bias correction.

News and events

27 May 2019: Journal article on 'Wetropolis... from mathematical design to outreach and research', published online as a HESS discussion paper.

16-17 May 2019: We are hosting a workshop in Leeds, focussing on idealised models of (convective-scale) Numerical Weather Prediction and their use in data assimilation research. Thanks to the School of Maths and the London Mathematical Society for providing funds.

11 March 2019: 'Wetropolis extreme rainfall and flood demonstrator: from mathematical design to outreach and research'. Preprint on EarthArXiv.

17 Dec. 2018: DARE project board meeting, University of Reading.

27 Sept. 2018: water@leeds annual Confluence 2018 showcasing water-related research at the University of Leeds, including lightning talk (3 mins!) on flood-excess volume (or how Wetropolis inspired a new tool for flood-mitigation assessment).

27 Sept. 2018: Data Assimilation for the REsilient city (DARE) blog published - an accessible overview on using ‘flood-excess volume’ to quantify and communicate flood mitigation schemes.

17-19 Sept. 2018: Leeds-Kyoto International Symposium: Advanced Engineering for Natural Disaster Identification, Mitigation, Prevention, and Response. Group session: 'Interdisciplinary approach to mitigate/prevent water-related disasters', with short presentation. See also poster presentation, prepared for 'Evidence-Based Decisions for UK Landscapes' in Cambridge.

Aug. 2018: official start as a research fellow (0.5FTE), funded through the DARE project, focussing on aspects of flood modelling and dynamic control strategies.

15 June 2018: Yorkshire iCASP Confluence 2018 at Brewery Wharf in Leeds, with Wetropolis in action.

8-10 Jan. 2018: Maths Foresees: mitigating severe environmental events. Final general assembly, University of Leeds.

Jan. 2018: return to Leeds as a tutorial assistant (0.5FTE) in the School of Maths.

June - Dec. 2017: seven months on the road in the UK, Europe, and NZ.

July 2017: Paper accepted for publication in Tellus A: Dynamical Meteorology and Oceanography.

31 May 2017: GitHub page: an idealised convective-scale forecast-assimilation framework. Source code is live and working... use with care, comments welcome, and more updates expected in the future!

16 May 2017: PhD thesis, 'An idealised fluid model of Numerical Weather Prediction: dynamics and data assimilation', published online here.

3-6 April 2017: Environmental Modelling in Industry Study Group at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge. Organised by Maths Foresees. I provided a 'live' report from the event.

20-24 March 2017: research visit to Sebastian Reich's group at the Mathematics Institute, University of Potsdam. Invited seminar here and at the FU Berlin - slides available.

3 March 2017: viva passed!

28 Jan. 2017: Flood recovery and resilience conference, Bilsborrow (near Preston; organised by the Churchtown Flood Action Group). Wetropolis talk and demonstration.

6 Jan. 2017: 'Dynamics of Rotating Fluids' meeting, UCL.

21 Dec. 2016: thesis submitted!!

14 Nov. 2016: Wetropolis all-day demonstration in School of Maths.

3-11 Nov. 2016: research visit to the Met Office, including invited 'Weather Science' seminar.

2 Nov. 2016: Invited seminar at DARC, University of Reading.

5-7 Sept. 2016: Maths Foresees general assembly, Edinburgh. Wetropolis makes its debut (accompanying presentation).

18-22 July 2016: 'International Symposium on Data Assimilation' at the University of Reading. Abstract accepted for poster.

8 May 2016: 'The Science of Floods', Hebden Bridge. Public event organised by Pennine Prospects and contribution from Maths Foresees.

January/February 2016: 3 week visit to the 'Data Assimilation and Ensembles' group at the Met Office. Presented latest work in the 'Data Assimilation Methods' group science meeting.

Oct.-Dec. 2015: Broken ankle!

1-5 June 2015: 'Workshop on Sensitivity Analysis and Data Assimilation in Meteorology and Oceanography' (a.k.a. '10th Adjoint Workshop'), West Virginia, USA.

18-20 May 2015: 'Maths Foresees': mitigating severe environmental events. First general assembly, University of Leeds.

12-17 April 2015: EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. Abstract pdf here

5 March 2015: Fluids seminar, Applied Maths, Leeds.

January/February 2015: 3 week visit to the 'Data Assimilation and Ensembles' group at the Met Office. Including 'Met Office Academic Partnership' poster session on 12th February.

15-19 September 2014: Summer school on 'Data Assimilation in environmental sciences' at the University of Reading.

Sept. 2014: Paper published in Journal of Climate.

August/September 2014: 3 week visit to the 'Data Assimilation and Ensembles' group at the Met Office.

14-18 July 2014: CliMathNet conference 2014. Program here.

12-14 May 2014: Reading-Warwick Data Assimilation meeting, University of Warwick. Program here.

30 April 2014: Applied PG Seminar, School of Maths, Leeds. Title: 'Data Assimilation and Numerical Weather Prediction.'

24-28 Feb. 2014: 'International Symposium on Data Assimilation' at LMU, Munich. Here is my poster.

2-6 December 2013: Partial Differential Equations and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics workshop, Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge. Program here.


DA Workshop - Leeds, 16/17 May 2019 - more info here.


Teaching and research at the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds.

Contact: t.kent[at]