Curriculum Vitae

  • Research experience

    Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest (Fr),
    UCSB (USA)

    Postdoctoral position
    (team MONC)
    Funded by Inria@SiliconValley
    2018 - present

    Modeling the effect of electroporation-based therapies on tumours
    Objective: To provide mathematical and numerical models of electroporation-based therapies at the macroscopic scale (tissue, spheroids) in order to fill the gap between cell- and tissue-scale models and broaden the scope of clinical applications. Model calibration with experimental data provided by IPBS (Toulouse, France) and computational optimisation in collaboration with the UCSB (USA).
    Key words : mathematical and numerical modelling, finite-element method, electroporation, homogenization, calibration, high-performance scientific computing.
    Programming : Python, Firedrake package.
    Main collaborators : Clair Poignard and Frédéric Gibou (UCSB).

    University of Leeds (UK)
    MARIN (NL)

    PhD position
    Funded by Marie S. Curie Actions (EU EID)
    2014 - 2017

    Variational water-wave models and pyramidal freak waves
    Objective: Formulation and simulation of an accurate mathematical and numerical model of non-linear, steep waves to estimate their force and to design reliable and durable maritime structures.
    Key words : Mathematical and numerical model, experimental validation, data analysis, PDEs, Finite Element method, discontinuous Galerkin method, geophysical fluid dynamics, variational principle, water waves, solitons.
    Programming : Python, Firedrake package, Matlab.
    Main collaborators : Onno Bokhove, Mark Kelmanson, Geert Kapseenberg and Tim Bunnik.

    Dräger (DE)

    Master thesis

    Real-time estimation of lung mechanics during breath under ventilation support
    Objective : Implementation of the Extended Kalman Filter to estimate Lung Mechanics continuously for a patient under ventilation support. Validation of the models against real data.
    Key words : Processing and signal analysis, modelling, (extended) Kalman filter, Lung mechanics, electrical engineering.
    Programming : Python.
    Main collaborators : Thomas Handzsuj, Philipp Rostalski and Marcus Eger.

    Université de Lausanne (UNIL, SW)

    Bachelor thesis

    Modeling of heat conduction in fractured rocks
    Objective : Modelling of heat conduction in fractured rocks to determine their properties (conductivity, thermal diffusivity, porosity but also dimension and location of the fractures, their flow velocity, their aperture...) and thus predict the outcome of pollution in these rocks.
    Key words : Semi-analytical modelling, heat conduction, fractured rocks.
    Programming : Matlab.
    Main collaborators : Delphine Roubinet and Pete Pehme

  • Awards

    2018. MSCA Research Fellow of the week

    Marie S. Curie Actions, European Union

    2017. Postgraduate Researcher of the Year

    University of Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Fundings

    2018. Inria@SiliconValley

    Postdoctoral funding

    2014-2017. Marie S. Curie Actions

    European Early Industrial Doctorate

  • Education

    PhD in Applied Mathematics

    University of Leeds (UK), MARIN (NL)

    Engineering degree in Applied Mathematics and Numerical Methods

    INSA Toulouse (Fr), DTU (DK)

  • Teaching experience


    Scientic computing (Python)

  • Outreach activities

    Open days

    University of Leeds (UK)

    Fluid-wave-tank demonstrations to show various applications of maths to solve "real-world" problems (coastal errosion, freak-wave impacts on wind-turbine...)

    Café Scientifique

    Leeds (UK)

    Public lectures about the legendary freak waves and how they went from mariner tales to marine threat

    Doing maths is fun!

    Togo, France and Poland

    Raising awareness among children in Togo (Africa) of the importance of education;

    Interventions in schools to show the applications of mathematics in everyday life (France and Poland)

    Using media to share Science

    Blog and Facebook page

    Sharing interventions, new findings, everyday-life applications. Visited from more than 30 countries:


    10mn presentation about my PhD project and its impact: