Conferences and Congress

3rd-6th September 2019 - 3rd World Congress on Electroporation -
Toulouse (France) -
[Poster] From cell to tissue electroporation models: an homogenization approach

15th-19th July 2019 - Compumag 2019 -
Paris (France) -
[Poster] In Silico Electrical Modeling of Cell Aggregates

13th-17th May 2019 - SMAI 2019 -
Guidel (France) -
[Talk] Modélisation des vagues (scélérates) de leur génération à leur déferlement sur la plage : stratégie numérique et validation expérimentale.
[Poster] Méthode d'homogénéisation pour la modélisation de l'électroporation à l'échelle tissulaire.

21st-22nd March 2019 - Core to Core -
Bordeaux (France) -
[Talk] From cell to tissue electroporation models: an homogenization approach.

4th December 2017 - Leeds Doctoral Showcase - Awarded Postgraduate Researcher of the Year 2017 -
Leeds (United-Kingdom) -
[Talk] Variational water-wave models and pyramidal freak waves - with implications for global shipping.

25th - 30th June 2017 - OMAE 2017 - 36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering -
Trondheim (Norway) -
[Talk] Driven Nonlinear Potential Flow With Wave Breaking at Shallow-Water Beaches.

7th of April 2017 - Workshop - "The Onset of Rogue Waves" -
Northumbria University - Newcastle Upon Tyne (United Kingdom) -
[Talk] Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Rogue-type Waves in Deep and Shallow Water.

27-28th of March 2017 - Firedrake'17 -
Imperial College London (United Kingdom) -
[Poster] Implementation strategies for nonlinear potential-flow waves driven by a piston wave-maker.

5th of September 2016 - Presentation at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands -
MARIN - Wageningen (Netherlands) -
[Talk] Variational water wave model and pyramidal freak waves.

26th of June 2016 - The fourth international conference Nonlinear waves - Theory and Applications -
Tsinghua University - Beijing (China) -
[Talk] Variational modeling of nonlinear freak waves.

20th of April 2016 - European Geoscience Union 2016 -
Vienna (Austria) -
[Talk] Variational modeling of Rogue wave through the interaction of two solitary waves .

25th of November 2015 - Postgraduate Applied Maths Seminar -
University of Leeds (United Kingdom) -
[Talk] Variational Modeling of Water Waves.

29th of June - 1s of July 2015 - FEniCS' 2015 -
Imperial College London (United Kingdom) -
[Poster] Mathematical and numerical modeling of shallow water waves generated from a wave maker.

13th of May 2015 - Birmingham Young Mathematician Colloquium -
University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) -
[Talk] Modelling of water waves generated from a wave maker.

Attended conferences

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