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Originally from Northampton, I started my undergraduate studies in French and Mathematics BSc at the University of Leeds in 2014. As part of my studies, I went on a mandatory year abroad to Université de Charles de Gaulle, Lille III, where I studied Mathématiques Appliquées aux Sciences Humaines et Sociales; in short, a lot of Statistics, Game Theory and Machine Learning. With regards to my degree at Leeds, I took all core modules of French language, leaving two-thirds of my degree dedicated to Mathematics. This was made up of not just core aspects of Statistics and Pure, but for the large-part of my degree, there was a heavy focus on Fluid Dynamics.

After my year abroad, I was successfully granted a research scholarship from the London Mathematical Society, working alongside my current supervisor, Dr Stephen Griffiths, on Self-Gravitating Water Waves on Rotating Elastic Spheres. The research was later presented in November 2017 to the Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics research group. A year later, between having graduated and starting my PhD, I volunteered with Dr Cédric Beaume on the Instability of Homogeneous States in the Gray--Scott Model, which is due to be presented on the 22/01/19 at Leeds' Applied Non-Linear Dynamics research group.

In March 2018, I was awarded a NERC Spheres' DTP scholarship to fulfill my dreams of becoming a PhD researcher. My PhD, titled Generation of Internal Waves by Ocean Tides, is supervised by Dr Stephen Griffiths and Professor Onno Bokhove. I am very keen on the notion to employ my own linguistic competences to strengthen academic relations with Francophone researchers within my field of interest with the hope of carrying out a research placement at a French academic institution in either the second or third year of my PhD studies.

Alongside my PhD, I am a volunteer for the UK Mathematics' Trust where I mentor individuals in Secondary school across the country. I am also Postgraduate representative for Applied Mathematics at the University. In my free-time, I work on the original project associated with Dr Beaume.

News and events

30-31/05/19: NERC DTP Conference 2019

24-26/05/19: BAMC 2019. Gave a contributed talk on Instability of Homogeneous States in the 1D Gray–Scott Model in the session on Mathematical Chemistry.

20/02/19: Foundations in Teaching: a day-long programme aimed at equipping postgraduate researchers with the necessary skills to enable them to teach in small groups in a university environment.

19/02/2019: School of Maths Colloquium on Ethics in Mathematics.

30/01/2019: Attended the opening of the brand new Institute for Fluid Dynamics at the University of Leeds.

22/01/2019: Presentation on the Instability of Homogeneous States in the 1D Gray–Scott Model to the LAND research group in Leeds.

30/11/2018: Receiving and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Abuse – First Responder Training for PGRs

01/10/2018: Started my PhD

27/11/2017: Presentation on Self-Gravitating Water Waves on Rotating Elastic Spheres to the Leeds' AGFD research group.