Sunflow renders

These are about the best renders which I coaxed out of Sunflow. You can get the source-code below, which'll show you the render parameters. The first render took about 64 minutes on my laptop; the depth of field render 78 minutes.

Main render from Sunflow Depth of Field from Sunflow

The following are some tests, run with anti-aliasing set to "1 1" for speed. You can download the source code.

Sunflow Darker 01 Sunflow Darker 02 Sunflow Darker 03 Sunflow Darker 04
107s, all defaults 210s, trace-depths all 16 120s, Global Illumination 128s, Photons
Sunflow Darker 05 Sunflow Darker 06
306s, Photons 392s, Photons, GI, Trace-Depth 8

I prefer the following, which have the glass colour set to be somewhat lighter. You can download the source code.

Sunflow Lighter 01 Sunflow Lighter 02 Sunflow Lighter 03 Sunflow Lighter 04
100s, all defaults 186s, trace-depths all 16 121s, Global Illumination 139s, Photons
Sunflow Lighter 05 Sunflow Lighter 06 Sunflow Lighter 07 Sunflow Lighter 08
356s, Photons 363s, Photons + GI 420s, Photons + Trace-Depth 8 428s, Photons + GI + Trace-Depth 8

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