Adventures in computer science

Mathematician, mid-life crisis = Computer Science dalliance

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Adventures in images

I have long been interested in computer graphics, and connections with mathematics. I don't really have the time to explore this area as much as I'd like, but of late, I've been playing a bit with Structure Synth and Sunflow. You can see some images here.

Adventures in Photography

Adventures in the property market

Low energy (new build) housing

Adventures in sustainable living

  • Walk Score - Fun little Google Maps application which scores your community of the ability to get around by walking. Far from perfect, but a place to start.
  • Ecotricity - UK Electric supplier who invest profits into renewable energy sources, while not charging more than other suppliers.

Longer discussion about how much power "standby" mode uses on various appliances. Short answer: not a vast amount, but enough that it all adds up.