Modelling Topological Phases of Matter

TQFT, HQFT, premodular and higher categories, Yetter-Drinfeld and crossed modules in disguise

Workshop 5-8 July 2016

List of speakers:

Catherine Meusburger
Alexander Kirillov Jr.
Vanessa Miemietz
Burak Şahinoǧlu
Gabriella Böhm
Victoria Lebed 
Alex Bullivant
Bruce Bartlett
Jamie Vicary
John Barrett
Eric Rowell
Nick Gurski
Tim Porter


Venue: E.C.Stoner Building, 10.72 (campus map) exit from the Dolce Vita Cafe at the School of Mathematics start walking left almost until the end of the corridor.                                                                                                                                                                           

To register to attend please contact Zoltan Kadar (z.kadar @

Local Organising committee:
Zoltán Kádár (Leeds) main contact
João Faria Martins (Lisbon)
Marcos Calçada (Leeds, partially supported by CNPq)
Paul Martin (Leeds)

We gratefully acknowledge funding from LMS and Leeds University School of Mathematics, and (PM, AB and ZK) from EPSRC. Poster here

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