Financial Times 12797, 18th June 2008
by Monk


1Grow vegetable (8)
6Layer of wood restricting flow of scum (6)
9Marines parted in boat to find sea food (6)
10In due course it rotates, cutting setter twice—or once? (8)
11Sad song returns, endlessly grating (4)
12Servant initially races round serving drunk in underwear (6,4)
14One can't easily be fired in it (8)
16Number that's two thirds of six for some (4)
18A boundary going around the centre (4)
19A collection of posers on the TV ... (4,4)
21... programme, in part below standard (10)
22Still divisible by either of what's left? (4)
24Fine man consuming drink and biscuit (8)
26Dripping that's been frozen (6)
27Small art gallery framing university's 13, for example (6)
28Round trifle containing awfully rough slimy food (8)


2Drug dealer decapitated in show (5)
3Locksmith? (11)
4Resist admitting it face-to-face (8)
5Character that's slick yet squirms awkwardly (8,7)

6Thick hair swept back on a goddess (6)
7What one does in repasts, regularly (3)
8Comes across worthless offence, breaking request to turn over a new leaf? (5,4)
13Incomplete 27 of planet I model crudely (5,2,4)
15One in half a dozen young male sheep allowed to follow female, say (9)
17Gripping a bolt in opening of grippers (8)
20Vicar's hand gun uncovered in box (6)
23Mathematician, reportedly a team player from Houston? (5)
25Stroke patient one hospital department lost (3)

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