MATH0111 & MATH0131
Elementary Differential Calculus (Versions 1 & 3)

10 credits

Taught Semester 1, Year running 2007/08

Pre-requisites: GCSE Mathematics, or equivalent.
Mutually exclusive with MATH0121, MATH0131 and MATH0141
Co-requisites: None
This module is approved as an Elective

To teach basic mathematics up to A-level standard. On completion of this module, students will be able to calculate the derivatives of elementary functions and apply this knowledge to problems.


A student will be placed on one of Versions 1,2 or 3 after consultation with either his or her parent department and/or the School of Mathematics. In particular, a test of the student's background knowledge may be made.

Form of teaching:
: Lectures (22 hours) and examples classes (11 hours).
MATH0131: Lectures (22 hours); examples classes (36 hours) and office hours (11 hours).

Form of assessment: One 2 hour written examination (80%) and coursework (20%).

Any book on Foundation Mathematics will serve this course.

You could download homework assignments. There is also supporting material and list of useful formulae.

Brief lecture notes (not finished yet!) are viewable and printable.


(Dr.) Vladimir V. KisilEmail:
Room 8.18L, School of Mathematics.Telephone (0113) 343 5173.
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