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Travel instructions to get to John Kent's office from Leeds Railway Station

Room 9.09, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

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You can take a taxi to the main University entrance (at the Parkinson Steps), or it is about a 20 minute walk.

One possible walking route is as follows. To see the key features of the walk, click on the larger version of the above map and zoom in for more detail.

1. After the ticket barriers at Leeds Railway Station walk straight ahead across the foyer. As you leave the station building, turn left on New Station St.

2. At the traffic lights, turn left on Wellington St.

3. At the pedestrian lights cross Wellington St, and walk across City Square and turn left onto Infirmary St.

4. Turn right onto East Parade.

5. After crossing the Headrow the name changes to Calverley St.

6. After passing Leeds General Infirmary, turn right at a small roundabout onto Willow Terrace Rd. (The emergency entrance to the LGI is to the left at the roundabout. There is a multistorey car park on the left side of Willow Terrace Rd. at the roundabout. I do not think there are any signs for Willow Terrace Rd at this point.)

7. After about 50 yards, cross the Inner Ring Rd and enter the University precinct. Keep following Willow Terrace Rd.

8. After the Sports Hall turn right up some steps with a pool of water on your left.

9. Cross a gravel area veering left to climb one flight of stairs.

10. Keep left and turn right up a wider set of steps. Climb 2 flights.

11. The School of Mathematics is on your left. [If you go to far, you will come to the Edward Boyle Library.] Enter the main doors, pass though a small corridor and turn left. After about 20 yards, turn right and cross the foyer. My office is across the foyer at the bottom of the stairs, Room 9.09.