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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-7966-5571

  1. Kevin Burrage, Pamela M. Burrage and Grant Lythe

    Effective numerical methods for simulating diffusion on a spherical surface in three dimensions

    Numerical Algorithms (2022)

  2. Remus Stana and Grant Lythe

    Diffusion in a disk with inclusion: Evaluating Green's functions

    PLoS ONE (2022)

  3. Bevelynn Williams, Martín López-García, Joseph J. Gillard, Thomas R. Laws, Grant Lythe, Jonathan Carruthers, Thomas Finnie and Carmen Molina-París
    A stochastic intracellular model of anthrax infection with spore germination heterogeneity
    Frontiers in immunology(2021)

  4. Jessica Ann Gaevert, Daniel Luque Duque, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-París and Paul Glyndwr Thomas

    Quantifying T Cell Cross-Reactivity: Influenza and Coronaviruses

    Viruses (2021)

  5. Stephan Wilmes, Polly-Anne Jeffrey, Jonathan Martinez-Fabregas, Maximillian Hafer, Paul K Fyfe, Elizabeth Pohler, Silvia Gaggero, Martín López-García, Grant Lythe, Charles Taylor, Thomas Guerrier, David Launay, Suman Mitra, Jacob Piehler, Carmen Molina-París, Ignacio Moraga

    Competitive binding of STATs to receptor phospho-Tyr motifs accounts for altered cytokine responses

    eLife (2021)

  6. Remus Stana, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    Diffusion in a disk with a circular inclusion

    SIAM (2021)

  7. Shamik Majumdar, Carmen Molina-París, Dipankar Nandi and Grant Lythe

    Agent-Based Model of Heterogeneous T-Cell Activation in Vitro

    Springer (2021)

  8. Macauley Locke, Grant Lythe, Martín López-García César Muñoz-Fontela , Miles Carroll and Carmen Molina-Par&iacurte;s

    Quantification of Type I Interferon Inhibition by Viral Proteins: Ebola Virus as a Case Study

    viruses (2021)

  9. Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Jolanda Smit & Carmen Molina-París

    Fusion and fission events regulate endosome maturation and viral escape

    Scientific Reports (2021)

  10. Laura E. Liao , Jonathan Carruthers , Sophie J. Smither, CL4 Virology Team , Simon A. Weller, Diane Williamson, Thomas R. Laws, Isabel García-Dorival, Julian Hiscox, Benjamin P. Holder, Catherine A. A. Beauchemin, Alan S. Perelson, Martín López-García, Grant Lythe, John Barr and Carmen Molina-París

    Quantification of Ebola virus replication kinetics in vitro

    PLoS Computational Biology (2020)

  11. Jonathan Carruthers, Tom laws, Joseph Gillard, Roman Lukaszewski, Martín López-García, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    Stochastic dynamics of Francisella tularensis infection and replication

    PLoS Computational Biology (2020)

  12. Grant Lythe

    Stochastic Dynamics of Φ4 Kinks: Numerics and Analysis

    A Dynamical Perspective on the Φ4 Model. Past, Present and Future
    Editors: Kevrekidis and Cuevas-Maraver. Springer (2019)

  13. Luis de la Higuera, Martín López-García, Mario Castro, Niloufar Abourashchi, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    Fate of a Naive T Cell: A Stochastic Journey

    Frontiers in Immunology 10 194 (2019)

  14. Mario Castro, Martín López-García, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-Parí

    First passage events in biological systems with non-exponential inter-event times

    Scientific Reports 8 15054 (2018)

  15. Jonty Carruthers, Martin Lopez Garcia, Joe Gillard, Tom Laws, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    A Novel Stochastic Multi-Scale Model of Francisella tularensis Infection to Predict Risk of Infection in a Laboratory

    Frontiers in Microbiology (2018)

  16. Martín López-García, M Nowicka, C Bendtsen, G Lythe, S Ponnambalam and Carmen Molina-París

    Quantifying the phosphorylation timescales of receptor-ligand complexes: a Markovian matrix-analytic approach

    Open biology 8 18012652018 (2018)

  17. N Martin-Blanco, Raquel Blanco, Celia Alda-Catalinas, Elena R Bovolenta, Clara L Oeste, Ed Palmer, WW Schamel, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-ParC-s, Mario Castro, Balbino AlarcC3n

    A window of opportunity for cooperativity in the T Cell Receptor

    Nature Communications 9: 2618 (2018)

  18. Mario Castro, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    The T Cells in an Ageing Virtual Mouse

    Stochastic Processes, Multiscale Modeling, and Numerical Methods for Computational Cellular Biology pp 127-14. Springer 2017

  19. Marco Ferrarini, Carmen Molina-París and Grant Lythe

    Sampling from T cell receptor repertoires

    Modeling Cellular Systems. Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, vol 11. Springer 2017

  20. Pedro Goncalves, Marco Ferrarini, Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe, Florence Vasseur, Annik Lim, Bendita Rocha and Orly Azogui

    A new mechanism shapes the naive CD8+ T cell repertoire

    Molecular Immunology 85 66 (2017)

  21. H. Hamlet Chu, Shiao-Wei Chan, John Paul Gosling, Nicolas Blanchard, Alexandra Tsitsiklis, Grant Lythe, Nilabh Shastri, Carmen Molina-París, Ellen A. Robey

    Continuous Effector CD8+ T Cell Production in a Controlled Persistent Infection Is Sustained by a Proliferative Intermediate Population

    Immunity 45 159-171 (2016)

  22. Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-París and Ruy M. Ribeiro
    Mathematics in modern immunology
    Interface focus (2016)

  23. Graham M. Donovan and Grant Lythe

    T cell and reticular network co-dependence in HIV infection

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 395 211-220 (2016)

  24. Grant Lythe, Robin E. Callard, Rollo L. Hoare and Carmen Molina-París

    How many TCR clonotypes does a body maintain?

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 389 214 (2015)

  25. Kim Pham, Raz Shimoni, Mirren Charnley, Mandy J. Ludford-Menting, Edwin D. Hawkins, Kelly Ramsbottom, Jane Oliaro, David Izon, Stephen B. Ting, Joseph Reynolds, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-Paris, Heather Melichar, Ellen Robey Patrick O. Humbert, Min Gu and Sarah M. Russell

    Asymmetric cell division during T cell development controls downstream fate

    Journal of Cell Biology 210 933 (2015)

  26. Grant Lythe, Joseph Gillard, Thomas Laws and Carmen Molina-París

    Modelling early events in Francisella tularensis pathogenesis

    Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology (2014)

  27. Kevin Burrage and Grant Lythe

    Accurate stationary densities with partitioned numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations

    Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations 2 262-280 (2014)

  28. Carmen Molina-Paris, Grant Lythe, Maria Sawicka, Joseph Reynolds, Niloufar Abourashchi, Kristin Hogquist, Gretta Stritesky

    From pre-DP, post-DP, SP4 and SP8 thymocyte cell counts to a dynamical model of cortical and medullary selection

    Frontiers in Immunology 5 (2014)

  29. Joseph Reynolds, Ines Amado, Antonio Freitas, Grant Lythe, and Carmen Molina-París.

    A mathematical perspective on CD4+ T cell quorum-sensing.

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 347 160-175 (2014)

  30. Mario Castro, Hisse van Santen, María Ferez, Balbino Alarcon, Grant Lythe, and Carmen Molina-París.

    Receptor pre-clustering and T cell responses: insights into molecular mechanisms.

    Frontiers in Immunology 5 132 (2014)

  31. Carmen Molina-París, Joseph Reynolds, Grant Lythe and Mark Coles

    Mathematical model of naive T cell division and survival IL-7 thresholds.

    Frontiers in Immunology 4 (2013)

  32. Susanna Celli, Mark Day, Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe and Philippe Bousso

    How many dendritic cells are required to initiate a T cell response?

    Blood 120 3945 (2012)

  33. Almeida, Amado, Reynolds, Berges, Lythe, Molina-París, Freitas

    Quorum-sensing in CD4+ T cell homeostasis: a hypothesis and a model

    Frontiers in Immunology 3 (2012)

  34. James Currie, Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Ed Palmer and Carmen Molina-París

    A stochastic T cell response criterion

    Journal of The Royal Society Interface 9 (2012)

  35. Joseph Reynolds, Mark Coles, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    Deterministic and stochastic naive T cell population dynamics: symmetric and asymmetric cell division

    Dynamical Systems 27 75 (2012)

  36. Graham Donovan and Grant Lythe

    T-cell movement on the reticular network

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 295 59 (2011)

  37. Carmen Molina-París, Katie Quinn, Emily Stirk and Grant Lythe

    Continuous-Time Birth and Death Processes: Diversity Maintenance of Naïve T Cells in the Periphery

    in: Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology Springer 2011

  38. Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

    Multivariate Competition Processes: A Model for Two Competing T Cell Clonotypes

    in: Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology Springer 2011

  39. Mark Day and Grant Lythe

    Timescales of the Adaptive Immune Response

    in: Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology Springer 2011

  40. Emily R. Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo A. van den Berg and Carmen Molina-París

    Stochastic competitive exclusion in the maintenance of the naïve T cell repertoire

    Journal of Theoretical Biology 265 396-410 (2010)

  41. Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo van den Berg, Gareth Hurst and Carmen Molina-París

    The limiting conditional distribution in a stochastic model of T cell repertoire maintenance

    Mathematical Biosciences 224 74-86 (2010)

  42. Kevin Burrage and Grant Lythe

    Accurate Stationary Densities with Partitioned Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations

    SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 471601-1618 (2009)

  43. Mario Castro and Grant Lythe

    Numerical experiments on noisy chains: from collective transitions to nucleation-diffusion

    SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 7 207-219 (2008)

  44. Kevin Burrage, Ian Lenane and Grant Lythe

    Numerical methods for second-order stochastic differential equations

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 29 245-264 (2007)

  45. Grant Lythe

    Diffusion-limited reaction in one dimension

    Physica D 222 159-163 (2006)

  46. Grant Lythe and Salman Habib.

    Kink Stochastics

    Computing in Science and Engineering 8,3 10-15 (2006)

  47. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe

    Multidimensional exponential timestepping with boundary test.

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 27 793-808 (2005)

  48. Roberto Camassa, Alp T. Findikoglu and Grant Lythe

    Transmission, reflection and second-harmonic generation in a nonlinear waveguide

    SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 66 1-28 (2005)

  49. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe

    Exponential timestepping with boundary test for stochastic differential equations.

    SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 24 1809 (2003)

  50. Grant Lythe and Franz Mertens

    Rice's ansatz for overdamped Ø4 kinks at finite temperature

    Physical Review E  67  027601   (2003)

  51. Grant Lythe and Salman Habib.

    Kinks in a Stochastic PDE

    p435-444 in proceedings of the IUTAM symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics N. Sri Namachchivaya and Y.K.Lin (Eds.)  (2003)

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    Diffusion-limited reaction in one dimension: paired and unpaired nucleation

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    Stochastic PDEs: convergence to the continuum?

    Computer Physics Communications   142 29 (2001)

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    Efficient numerical solution of stochastic differential equations using exponential timestepping

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    Dynamics of kinks: nucleation, diffusion and annihilation

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  58. Grant Lythe and M.R.E. Proctor

    Predictability of noise-controlled dynamics

    Physica D 133 362 (1999).

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    Dynamics of defect formation

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    Stochastic Stokes' drift

    Physical Review Letters 81 3136-3139 (1998).

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    Stochastic Calculus: application to dynamic bifurcations and threshold crossings

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    Stochastic PDEs: domain formation in dynamic transitions

    Proceedings of FISES 97, J.A. Cuesta and A Sánchez, eds. (Editorial del CIH4AT, Madrid, 1998).

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    Low pump limit of the bifurcation to periodic intensities in a semiconductor laser subject to external optical feedback

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  67. Grant Lythe

    Domain formation in dynamic transitions with noise

    Physical Review E 53 R4271-4274 (1996).

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