Publications in 1998

Stochastic Stokes' drift
Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe       Physical Review Letters   81  3136-3139  

Slowly passing through resonance strongly depends on noise
J.C. Celet, D. Dangoisse, P. Glorieux, G. Lythe and T. Erneux
Physical Review Letters   81  975-978 

New potential applications of nonlinear dielectrics: microwave solitons and stochastic resonance
Alp Findikoglu et al       Integrated Ferroelectrics  22  259-268 

Stochastic calculus: application to dynamic bifurcations and threshold crossings
Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe       Journal of Statistical Physics  90  227-251 

Stochastic PDEs: domain formation in dynamic transitions
Grant Lythe       Anales de Fisica  4  55-62                   (available as cond-mat/9808242)
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