Coexisting periodic attractors
in injection locked diode lasers

Quantum and Semiclassical Optics 9 785-796 (1997)

A. Gavrielides, V. Kovanis and P.M. Varangis

Nonlinear Optics Center, Phillips Laboratory PL/LIDN,
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117-5776

T. Erneux and G. Lythe

Optique nonlinéaire théorique, Université Libre de Bruxelles CP231,
Bruxelles 1050 BELGIUM


We present experimental evidence of coexisting periodic attractors in a semiconductor laser subject to external optical injection. The coexisting attractors appear after the semiconductor laser has undergone a Hopf bifurcation from the locked steady state. We consider the single mode rate equations and derive a third order differential equation for the phase of the laser field. We then analyze the bifurcation diagram of the time periodic states in terms of the frequency detuning and the injection rate and show the existence of multiple periodic attractors.

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