Project on Branching processes and mathematical medicine

Branching processes describe things that exist for a time, then are replaced by copies of themselves. Examples are cells of a certain type, DNA sequences, and people with a certain surname.
Using techniques such as the probabilty generating function and the solution of differential equations, useful models of situations in mathematical medicine can be constructed and solved. You will also be encouraged to perform numerical simulations to illustrate and motivate your work using, for example, the language python.
Supervisor: Grant Lythe. Co-supervisor: Carmen Molina-París.

Reading List

  1. Stochastic processes and models
    David Stirzaker, OUP
  2. Branching processes in Biology
    Kimmel and Axelrod (Springer, 2002)
  3. A stochastic model for the origin and treatment of tumors containing drug-resistant cells
    Coldman and Goldie, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 48 279-292 (1986)