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Grant Lythe

A new mechanism shapes the naive CD8+ T cell repertoire Pedro Goncalves, Marco Ferrarini, Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe, Florence Vasseur, Annik Lim, Bendita Rocha and Orly Azogui
Molecular Immunology 85 66 (2017)
Sampling from T cell receptor repertoires Marco Ferrarini, Carmen Molina-París and Grant Lythe.
Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Continuous Effector CD8+ T Cell Production in a Controlled Persistent Infection Is Sustained by a Proliferative Intermediate Population H. Hamlet Chu, Shiao-Wei Chan, John Paul Gosling, Nicolas Blanchard, Alexandra Tsitsiklis, Grant Lythe, Nilabh Shastri, Carmen Molina-París, Ellen A. Robey
How many TCR clonotypes does a body maintain? Grant Lythe, Robin E. Callard, Rollo L. Hoare and Carmen Molina-París
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Mathematics in modern immunology Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-París and Ruy M. Ribeiro. Interface focus
Modelling early events in Francisella tularensis pathogenesis Grant Lythe, Joseph Gillard, Thomas Laws and Carmen Molina-París
Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology
Accurate stationary densities with partitioned numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations Kevin Burrage and Grant Lythe
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations: Analysis and Computations
A mathematical perspective on CD4+ T cell quorum-sensing Joseph Reynolds, InĂªs F. Amado, Antonio A. Freitas, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Mathematical model of naive T cell division and survival IL-7 thresholds Joseph Reynolds, Mark Coles, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París
Frontiers in Immunology
A stochastic T cell response criterion James Currie, Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Ed Palmer and Carmen Molina-París
Royal Society Interface
T-cell movement on the reticular network Graham Donovan and Grant Lythe

Accurate Stationary Densities with Partitioned Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations Kevin Burrage and Grant Lythe
Numerical experiments on noisy chains: from collective transitions to nucleation-diffusion Mario Castro and Grant Lythe
Kink Stochastics Grant Lythe and Salman Habib
Diffusion-limited reaction in one dimension Grant Lythe