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Grant Lythe
A mathematical perspective on CD4+ T cell quorum-sensing Joseph Reynolds, Inês F. Amado, Antonio A. Freitas, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Mathematical model of naive T cell division and survival IL-7 thresholds Joseph Reynolds, Mark Coles, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París
Frontiers in Immunology
How many dendritic cells are required to initiate a T cell response? Susanna Celli, Mark Day, Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe and Philippe Bousso
A stochastic T cell response criterion James Currie, Mario Castro, Grant Lythe, Ed Palmer and Carmen Molina-París
Royal Society Interface
Quorum sensing in CD4+ T cell homeostasis: a hypothesis and a model Afonso R.M. Almeida, Ines F. Amado, Joseph Reynolds, Julien Berges, Grant Lythe, Carmen Molina-París, Antonio Freitas
Deterministic and stochastic naive T cell population dynamics: symmetric and asymmetric cell division Joseph Reynolds, Mark Coles, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París

T-cell movement on the reticular network Graham Donovan and Grant Lythe

Stochastic competitive exclusion in the maintenance of the naïve T cell repertoire Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo van den Berg and Carmen Molina-París
The limiting conditional distribution in a stochastic model of T cell repertoire maintenance Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo van den Berg, Gareth Hurst and Carmen Molina-París
Accurate Stationary Densities with Partitioned Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations Kevin Burrage and Grant Lythe
Numerical experiments on noisy chains: from collective transitions to nucleation-diffusion Mario Castro and Grant Lythe
Kink Stochastics Grant Lythe and Salman Habib
Diffusion-limited reaction in one dimension Grant Lythe
Transmission, Reflection, and Second-Harmonic Generation in a Nonlinear Waveguide Roberto Camassa, Alp Findikoglu, and Grant Lythe