MATH3565 and MATH5565     Mathematical Biology

First Semester 2008-9
Lecturer: Carmen Molina-París
Lecture times: Tuesdays at 12 noon in RSLT 14, Wednesdays at 11am in RSLT 14 and Fridays at 11am in RSLT 05
Assessment: 100% Final Exam

MATH3565 and MATH5565     Course description

Aims: To introduce some areas of the biological sciences in which mathematics has a significant contribution to make, in order to model and understand a wide variety of biological phenomena. Objectives: By the end of this module, students should be able to: a) model, with understanding, a selected group of biological phenomena, b) study phenomena described by reaction-diffusion and phase plane techniques, c) study the mechanics of proteins and DNA, and the dynamics of cell membranes by means of statistical mechanics, d) study the modelling of T cell activation and T cell repertoire maintenance by means of random variables and continuous time Markov chains Methods of teaching.


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