MATH1050     Calculus and mathematical analysis

First Semester 2008-9
Lecturer: Carmen Molina-París
Lecture times: Tuesdays at 10am in RSLT18 and Wednesdays at 1pm in RSLT19
Assessment: 0% Examples Sheets, 15% Workshop Quizzes and 85% Final Exam
Your answers to the examples will be returned to you with comments but they do not count towards the final grade of the module.

MATH1050     Course description

On completion of this module students should master: differentiation and integration; hyperbolic functions and their inverses; complex numbers, De Moivre's Theorem; limit of a sequence; convergence of infinite series; power series, Taylor's series; partial differentiation.

MATH1050     Workshops

If you are taking this module, you must attend the Workshops. There will be 10 Workshops starting from Week 2. These Workshops take place every Monday from Week 2, start at 2pm and last for one hour. They have been specifically designed to help you with this module. Note that attendance is mandatory. The Workshops take place every Monday, starting on Monday 6th of October. Note that from Monday 20th of October you will have a quiz during the workshop. Details and more information can be found in
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Information about MATH1050
Lecture notes for MATH1050
Workshop 1
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Workshop 4
Workshop 5

Examples 1 Due date: 08/10/08
Handout for Examples 1 Read this sheet before attempting Examples 1
Examples 2 Due date: 22/10/08
Examples 3 Due date: 05/11/08
Examples 4 Due date: 19/11/08
Examples 5 Due date: 03/12/08

Quiz 1 In workshop 20/10/08
Quiz 2 In workshop 03/11/08
Quiz 3 In workshop 17/11/08
Quiz 4 In workshop 01/12/08


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Mock Exam
Past Exam Paper (January 2007)
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