Professor Chris Jones

Professor Chris Jones

Professor C.A. Jones,
Department of Applied Mathematics,
University of Leeds,
Leeds LS2 9JT,

e-mail :
Tel. : +44 113 3435107
Fax. : +44 113 3435090

Leeds Time:

Teaching 2012

Module MATH2640, Introduction to Optimisation.

Module MATH3397, Nonlinear Dynamics.

Module MATH5397, Advanced Nonlinear Dynamics.

All student information and example sheets are now on the Leeds University Blackboard VLE.

Research Interests

  • Magnetic field generation in the Earth and other planets

  • Thermal convection in rotating and magnetic systems

  • The solar dynamo

  • Pattern formation in strongly nonlinear systems

    Recent publications

    Anelastic dynamo benchmark

    Steve Cole's thesis

    Work in progress

    Nordita lectures on the geodynamo

    Les Houches Summer School 2007 Notes on Dynamo Theory

    Selected publications
    Houches Summer School 2007 Notes on Dynamo Theory