Name:   Alastair Rucklidge
tel:    35161
office: 8.17f

Title:  Synchronization of nonlinear oscillators

Synchronization phenomena are abundant in science, nature, engineering and
social life. Systems as diverse as clocks, singing crickets, cardiac
pacemakers, firing neurons and applauding audiences exhibit a tendency to
operate in synchrony. These phenomena are universal and can be understood
within a common framework based on modern nonlinear dynamics.

Depending on the interests of the student, the following topics could be

Synchronization of two or more oscillators.

Synchronization of chaotic oscillators.

Stability of the synchronized state

Blow-out bifurcations, intermittency, cycling chaos, ...

There is scope for both analytical and numerical work in this project. 
Interested candidates should consult Dr A.M. Rucklidge.



Synchronization, by Pikovsky, Rosenblum and Kurths

(Cambridge University Press, 2001).


`Sync: the emerging science of spontaneous order', by Steve Strogatz
(Hyperion, 2003).