Applied Mathematics Projects
Available 2007-8

O Chalykh Elliptic functions and applications
O Chalykh Algebraic curves and nonlinear integrable differential equations
EAB Cole Solution of the Schrodinger equation in semiconductor device modelling
SAEG Falle Relaxation shock structures
AP Fordy Exact solutions of nonlinear differential equations
AP Fordy Exactly solvable potentials in Quantum Mechanics
AP Fordy Completely integrable Hamiltonian systems
O Harlen Slender body theory
O Harlen Stretching filaments of polymeric fluids
O Harlen Acoustic scattering
R Hollerbach Instabilities of Couette flows
DW Hughes and SM Tobias The Sun's magnetic field
DB Ingham One-dimensional analysis of heat transfer in fins
CA Jones Tidal theory
CA Jones Models of giant planets
MA Kelmanson Integral equations
E Kersalé Numerical Analysis of Spectral Methods
E Kersalé Dynamics of Accretion Discs
SS Komissarov 1D computer code for gas dynamics
D Lesnic The heat equation in composite materials
D Lesnic The Brusselator Model
T Liverpool Pulling and twisting DNA
G Lythe Noisy dynamics and stochastic differential equations
JH Merkin Discrete reaction-diffusion models
AV Mikhailov Approximate symmetries and almost integrable equations
C Molina-Paris How does our body defend itself against viral infections? Modelling T-cell activation
FW Nijhoff Quantum discrete systems
FW Nijhoff Integrable dynamical mappings
DJ Read Branched Polymers in all shapes and sizes
DJ Read Self-avoiding random walks on a lattice
AM Rucklidge Synchronization of nonlinear oscillators
AM Rucklidge Speciation as a symmetry-breaking bifurcation
Rob Sturman The Birkhoff Ergodic Theorem
Rob Sturman Mixing by Chaotic Advection
Rob Sturman The Mathematics of Musical Tuning

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