AG (Access Grid) Dynamics Seminar

New: this page had moved, and is now hosted by Robert Sturman. The page here will not be updated after October 2013.

This series of occasional seminars is intended for those interested in Nonlinear Dynamics and Dynamical Systems who have Access Grid facilities (as used in the MAGIC network).


Date Time Speaker Host Title Virtual venue
14 May 2013 4pm Wolfram Just
Queen Mary University of London Stick-Slip Transition in a Model with Dry Friction
4 June 2013 4pm Andrey Shilnikov
Georgia State University Symbolic Toolkit for Exploration of Deterministic Chaos
29 October 2013 4pm Dwight Barkley
University of Warwick TBA

Previous speakers

Date Time Speaker Host Title Virtual venue
10 May 2011 4pm Paul Glendinning
Manchester Multistability near grazing bifurcations in three-dimensional systems
18 Oct 2011 4pm Anatoly Neishtadt
Loughborough Directed transport in a stochastic layer
15 Nov 2011 4pm Christopher K. R. T. Jones
University of North Carolina Lagrangian dynamics and the incorporation of data into ocean models
24 Jan 2012 4pm Toby Hall
Liverpool Rotation sets in a family of torus homeomorphisms
28 Feb 2012 4pm Gianne Derks
Surrey Existence and stability of stationary fronts in inhomogeneous wave equations
27 Mar 2012 4pm Olga Podvigina
Moscow Stability and bifurcations of heteroclinic cycles of type Z
29 May 2012 4pm Claire Postlethwaite
Auckland Feedback control of patterns arising in equivariant Hopf bifurcation problems
16 Nov 2012 2pm Richard Schwartz
Brown Double lattice PETs, hyperbolic geometry, and renormalization

More information

For more information, or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Peter Ashwin or Alastair Rucklidge.

Instruction for connecting to the seminar

Each seminar will be hosted in a JANET Access Grid Virtual Venue, indicated in the list above.

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