PANDA (Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications)

1st August 2003

University of Leeds

The second PANDA (Pattern Formation, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications) meeting of the year will be held on Friday 1st August 2003 in the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds. This network is affiliated with the Leeds Centre for Nonlinear Studies.

The theme of the meeting will be "Imperfections, boundaries and noise in pattern formation".

The meeting will open with two pedagogical review lectures by Dr Grant Lythe and Prof Peter Daniels, to be followed by four research talks.



Grant Lythe
Timescales and lengthscales from noise
Peter Daniels
Boundaries and imperfections in pattern formation

Francesco Papoff
Average symmetry and multimode coherence in lasers
Rob Sturman
Intermittent dynamics in an interaction of saddle-node and Hopf bifurcations
Jon Dawes
Instabilities induced by a weak breaking of the 1:2 spatial mode interaction
Alastair Rucklidge
Boundary effects and the onset of Taylor vortices

Lunch will be in the Senior Common Room, and the talks will be in Room LT16 in the Roger Stevens Building (adjacent to the School of Mathematics, directions below).

Postdocs and research students are warmly encouraged to attend, and will be given preference in financial support.

Please circulate this announcement to anyone who may be interested in coming.

For further details, contact Alastair Rucklidge (A.M.Rucklidge at


The meeting will be held in the Roger Stevens Building Lecture Theatre 16, in the building marked 'X' on the top left-hand corner of this map. Tea will be on level 9 of the School of Mathematics, across the footbridge from the Roger Stevens Building. The School of Mathematics is marked 'X' in the lower right-hand corner of this map. Lunch is in the Senior Common Room staff restaurant, marked X on this map.

For those walking up from the rail station, this map might help. Aim for the bridge on Calverley Street, just beyond the Leeds General Infirmary, above the word 'Tunnel'. This bridge leads to the South Entrance of the University (see yet another map). The Roger Stevens Building is behind a large square pool.

For those who are driving, there is a 2.60 parking charge, payable at the main entrance. Tell the security guard at the entrance that you are here for a meeting in the Department of Applied Mathematics, and he will direct you to a visitors' car park: the usual parking is the blue P above the words `Inner Ring Road' on the centre-right of this map, and it is easily recongnised by the large number of cherry trees.

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