European Union European Industry Doctorates


  • Floriane Gidel (Early Stage Researcher, Leeds/MARIN)
  • Tomasz Salwa (Early Stage Researcher, Leeds/MARIN)
  • Geert Kapsenberg (supervisor MARIN)
  • Tim Bunnik (supervisor MARIN)
  • Onno Bokhove (PI, supervisor University of Leeds)
  • Mark Kelmanson (co-supervisor Tomasz Salwa University of Leeds)

  • Activies

    • - January 29th 2018: team workshop at MARIN
    • - Mid-term meeting Nov. 2015 Leeds with Piotr Kasprzyk (Intro EU), Dr. Antonios Zervos (Southampton), Gidel, Salwa, Dr. Bunnik, Ir. Kapsenberg, Kelmanson, Hollerbach, Bokhove
    • - Meeting MARIN April/May 2015
    • - Kick-off meeting MARIN Oct 1st 2014


    • Conference participation: OMAE2017 (Gidel and Bokhove), OMAE2016 (Salwa and Bokhove), EGU 2016 (Gidel), Sjanghai 2016 (Gidel).
    • January 2015: Floriane Gidel and Tomasz Salwa passed their training courses Fluid Dynamics (EPSRC Fluid Dynamics Center in Leeds) and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

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    Template by Andreas Viklund. Panorama: Fugro GEOS. Photos: Breaking wave hitting a mono-pile offshore structure in the North Sea, Extreme wave hitting a wind turbine tower during model tests (MARIN)