The Leeds Workshop is a well established annual statistical meeting which was founded in 1974 by Kanti Mardia who led it over four decades until 2015. In 2017 it was directed jointly by Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat and Kanti Mardia. Although begun as an internal event, it now enjoys the support of a number of visitors each year from other universities and research bodies around the world. These workshops usually extend over three days with input by several speakers. Over recent years, the theme of the workshop has reflected the growing, but not exclusive, departmental interest and expertise in bioinformatics, image and shape analysis, wavelets and machine learning. Four decades of the Leeds Workshops were celebrated at the 2015 LASR Workshop.

The LASR mission is to:

  • Bring together world-class scientists and statisticians
  • Encourage cutting-edge interdisciplinary research
  • Sustain and develop workshops

Many of the topics addressed by the LASR workshop are connected to the theme of geometric statistics - the interpretation of information with a geometric flavour such as:

  • Spatial statistics
  • Image analysis
  • Shape analysis
  • Bioinformatics

The next LASR workshop will take place in June 2021.

Past LASR workshops

Geostatistics (Conference) D.G. Kendall, A. Marechal 1979
1 Spatial Processes on Regular Lattices Dr. R.J. Martin 1980
2 Applied Spatial Processes J. Besag 1981
3 Spatial Statistics B.D. Ripley 1982
4 Estimation Procedures for Stationary Spatial Processes X. Guyon 1983

Statistics of Image Processing (Conference) J.V. Kittler 1984
5 Bispectral Analysis and Bilinear Time Series Models T. Subba-Rao 1985
6 Statistics and Image Processing J. Haslett 1986
7 Markov Random Fields H.R. Küünsch 1987
8 Experimental Design Package Dr. A. Baines 1988
9 Itô Calculus W.S. Kendall 1989
10 Statistical Image Analysis C. Jennison 1990
11 Shape Analysis, Landmarks and Biomedical Imaging F.L. Bookstein 1991
12 Shape and Image Analysis for Industry and Medicine C.R. Goodall 1992
13 Shape Recognition in 2D and 3D Imaging M.I. Miller 1993
14 Medical Imaging: Shape and Visualization S. Pizer 1994
15 Current Issues in Statistical Shape Analysis F.L. Bookstein, J. Gower, P.J. Green, D.G. Kendall 1995
16 Image Fusion and Shape Variability Techniques Dr. A. Guéziec, V.E. Johnson, J.J. Koenderink, D. Terzopoulos 1996
17 The Art and Science of Bayesian Image Analysis U. Grenander, V.E. Johnson, M. Titterington 1997
18 Spatial-Temporal Modelling and its Applications A. Blake, Sir David Cox, D.C. Hogg, C. Taylor 1999
19 The Statistics of Directions, Shapes and Images J. Besag, W.S. Kendall, J.V. Kittler, A. Rosenfeld 2000
20 Functional and Spatial Data Analysis A. Baddeley, M. Berman, B.W. Silverman, C.K. Wikle, K. Worsley 2001
21 The Statistics of Large Datasets: Functional and image data, bioinformatics and data mining G. J.Barton, L. Edler, Dr M.J.K Gales, D.J. Hand 2002
22 Stochastic Geometry, Biological Structure and Images C. Bystroff, Dr W. Gilks, J. Hein, A. Lesk, D. Stoyan 2003
23 Bioinformatics, Images and Wavelets M.J.E. Sternberg, G.P. Nason 2004
24 Quantitative Biology, Shape Analysis, and Wavelets P.J. Green, V.E. Johnson, Sir J. Kingman, A.F. Neuwald 2005
25 Interdisciplinary Statistics and Bioinformatics B.D. Athey, J. Besag, Sir D.R. Cox, J.M. Goodfellow 2006
26 Systems Biology & Statistical Bioinformatics S. Tavaré, A. Tramontano, G.M. Crippen 2007
27 The Art and Science of Statistical Bioinformatics M. Levitt, Z. Yang, A. Trouvé 2008
28 Statistical Tools for Challenges in Bioinformatics S. Richardson, D. Wild, Dr. W. Taylor, Dr. D. Theobald 2009
29 High-throughput Sequencing, Proteins and Statistics T. Speed, E. Wit, G. McLachlan 2010
30 Next Generation Statistics in Biosciences W.S. Kendall, C.A. Orengo, Y. Zhang 2011
31 New Statistics and Modern Natural Sciences D. Wilkinson, J. Haslett, Z. Ghahramani 2012
32 Statistical Models and Methods for non-Euclidean Data with Current Scientific Applications A. Azzalini, C. Deane, M. Hastings, C. Jones, P. Jupp, C. Rueda, A. Wood
33 Geometry-Driven Statistics and its Cutting Edge Applications: Celebrating Four Decades of Leeds Workshops F. Bookstein, C. Bowman, C. Deane, I. Dryden, C. Goodall, P. Green,
T. Hamelryck, S. Huckemann, P. Jupp, A. Laha, J.S. Marron, C. Rueda
Biostatistics and machine learning methods in omics research, joint with the EU MIMOmics network
F. Agakov, H. Battey, G. Bianconi, T. Burzykowski, A. Conesa, H. Guo, W.
Hide, N. Intrator, P. Lio, E. Mosca, R. Pfeiffer, D. Remondini, J. Scealy, H. Uh, W. van Wieringen
Big Data: On Time and Space
A. Frangi, I. Ionita-Laza, H. Le, K. Mardia, V. Rondeau
Modern Statistics for Interdisciplinary Omics and Big Data, joint with the EU IMforFUTURE network
M. Girolami, H. Li, J. Scealy, C. van Duijn

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