The reports below have been produced by members of the Statistics Department in 2007.

In addition to these reports, a great deal of the work of the Statistics Department is published annually in the Proceedings of the Leeds Annual Statistics Research Workshop (LASR). Please see the LASR website for past proceedings.

Reports from 2006.

Using small bias nonparametric density estimators for confidence interval estimation
Marco Di Marzio & Charles C. Taylor
[Abstract] [pdf]

Efficiency of the pseudolikelihood for multivariate normal and von Mises distributions
Kanti V. Mardia, Gareth Hughes & Charles C. Taylor
[Abstract] [pdf]

A multivariate von Mises distribution with applications to bioinformatics
Kanti V. Mardia, Gareth Hughes, Charles C. Taylor, & Harshinder Singh
[Abstract] [pdf]

Automatic bandwidth selection for circular density estimation
Charles C. Taylor
[Abstract] [pdf]

On discrete time ergodic filters with wrong initial data, 2
M.L.Kleptsyna & A.Yu.Veretennikov
[Abstract] [pdf]
See also On discrete time ergodic filters with wrong initial data, 1, to appear in Probability Theory and related Fields

On Bellman's equations for mean and variance control for a Markov diffusion
G.Aivaliotis & A.Yu.Veretennikov
[Abstract] [pdf]
Revised version: [pdf]
To appear in Stochastics

On S.N. Roy's legacy to multivariate analysis
K.V. Mardia
[Abstract] [pdf]

Reports from 2008