The reports below were produced by members of the Statistics Department in 2005.

A great deal of the work of the Statistics Department is published annually in the Proceedings of the Leeds Annual Statistics Research Workshop (LASR). Please see the LASR website for past proceedings.

This series of reports continues an earlier series. Selected reports from the earlier series (1995-1998) are also available

Bayesian alignment using hierarchical models, with applications in protein bioinformatics
Green, P.J. & Mardia, K.V. (2005).
This report updates report STAT04-03

Intrinsic random fields and image deformations
Mardia, K.V., Bookstein, F., Kent, J.T., & Meyer (2005).

Intersection landmarks for bilaterally symmetric shapes
Ruwanthi, D.K.R. & Kent, J.T. (2005).

Principal component analysis for bilateral symmetric shapes
Ruwanthi, D.K.R. & Kent, J.T. (2005).

Decomposing departures from bilateral symmetry
Ruwanthi, D.K.R. & Kent, J.T. (2005).

Reports for 2006.