Recent PhD theses awarded in the Department of Statistics, University of Leeds






  • Christopher Fallaize. Bayesian shape alignment with applications to bioscience. Supervisors S. Barber and K.V. Mardia.
  • ZhengZheng Zhang. Novel directional statistics for patterns in protein and RNA structure. Supervisors K.V. Mardia, C.C. Taylor and J.T. Kent.
  • Janos Szabo. Statistical extreme value modelling to study roadside air pollution episodes. Supervisors H. Chen (Institute of Transport Studies) and L.V. Bogachev.
  • Kerstin Hommola. Categorical data analysis of protein structure. Supervisors W.R. Gilks and K.V. Mardia.
  • Orathai Polsen. Nonparametric regression and mixture models. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.


  • Samuel Peck. Multiscale spatial imputation applied to crop infestation modelling. Supervisors S. Barber, R.G. Aykroyd and A. Murray (FERA).






  • Ali Al-Hajraf. The kriged Kalman filter and its applications. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Jamal Bugrien. Robust approaches to clustering based on density estimation and projection. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Fathi Hamed. Geometric modelling and identification of structure in image data. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Matthew Langdon. Classification of images and censored data. Supervisors R.M. West (Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics), C.C. Taylor, P.A. Dowd (SPEME) and Dr D Goddard (BNFL).
  • Kolamunnage Ruwanthi. Statistical shape analysis for bilateral symmetry. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Ganesh Krishnan Subramaniam. Von Mises distributions with applications in speech data. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and C.C. Taylor.


  • Kassim Mwitondi. Robust methods in data mining. Supervisors J.T. Kent and C.C. Taylor.


  • Salem Al-Gezeri. Modelling of multivariate data in archaeological geophysics. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Yousef El-Gimati. Bootstrapping techniques to improve classification methods. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.
  • Veronica Lima. Resistant fitting methods for statistical shape comparison. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Paul McDonnell. Planar shape distributions and image averaging. Supervisor K.V. Mardia and I.L. Dryden.


  • Karen Oldman. Classification of data from a digital chemical sensor array system. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.
  • Bree Waine. Face analysis and the bivariate wrapped Cauchy distribution. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and R.G. Aykroyd.


  • Rahman Farnoosh. Statistical analysis of nearly regular point patterns and images. Supervisors C.C. Taylor and I.L. Dryden.
  • Deborah Godwin. Deformations in shape analysis. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Fikret Er. Robust methods in statistical shape analysis. Supervisors P.D.L. Constable and J.T. Kent.
  • Gary Walker. Robust, non-parametric and automatic methods for matching spatial point patterns. Supervisors J.T. Kent, I.L. Dryden, and C.A. Glasbey (BioSS, Edinburgh)


  • Jayne Kirkbride. Fusion, statistical shape and photograph identification. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Ian Moreton. Statistics of bilateral symmetry of shapes. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Mark Scarr. Texture modelling and classification using statistical image analysis. Supervisors C.C. Taylor and I.L. Dryden.


  • Gayle Allum. A statistical approach to inverse data problems in archaeological geophysics. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Catherine Anderson. Object recognition using statistical shape analysis. Supervisors J.T. Kent and I.L. Dryden.
  • Xiaojuan Feng. Shape analysis of fingerprint scans and spinal data. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and A.J. Baczkowski.
  • Mohsen Mohammadzadeh. Kriging methods in statistical spatial data. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Gebriel Shamia. Statistical properties of generalized diversity indices. Supervisors D.N. Joanes and A.J. Baczkowski.
  • Harry Southworth. Classification of spatial data using neural networks and statistical methods. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and C.C. Taylor.
  • Stelios Zimeras. Statistical models in medical image analysis. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.


The first PhD in Statistics to be awarded at the University of Leeds was to Professor Sir David Cox, FRS in 1949 for the thesis Theory of fibre motion.