Recent PhD theses awarded in the Department of Statistics, University of Leeds


  • Suaad Ben-Farag. Statistical analysis of mass spectrometry data. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.


  • Jennifer Klapper. Data analysis with complex Daubechies wavelets. Supervisor S. Barber.
  • Fatimah Salem Al Ashwali. Robustness and multivariate analysis. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Asaad Mohammed Ganeiber. Estimation and simulation in directional and statistical shape models. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Christopher Fallaize. Bayesian shape alignment with applications to bioscience. Supervisors S. Barber and K.V. Mardia.
  • ZhengZheng Zhang. Novel directional statistics for patterns in protein and RNA structure. Supervisors K.V. Mardia, C.C. Taylor and J.T. Kent.
  • Janos Szabo. Statistical extreme value modelling to study roadside air pollution episodes. Supervisors H. Chen (Institute of Transport Studies) and L.V. Bogachev.
  • Kerstin Hommola. Categorical data analysis of protein structure. Supervisors W.R. Gilks and K.V. Mardia.
  • Orathai Polsen. Nonparametric regression and mixture models. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.


  • Samuel Peck. Multiscale spatial imputation applied to crop infestation modelling. Supervisors S. Barber, R.G. Aykroyd and A. Murray (FERA).






  • Ali Al-Hajraf. The kriged Kalman filter and its applications. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Jamal Bugrien. Robust approaches to clustering based on density estimation and projection. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Fathi Hamed. Geometric modelling and identification of structure in image data. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Matthew Langdon. Classification of images and censored data. Supervisors R.M. West (Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics), C.C. Taylor, P.A. Dowd (SPEME) and Dr D Goddard (BNFL).
  • Kolamunnage Ruwanthi. Statistical shape analysis for bilateral symmetry. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Ganesh Krishnan Subramaniam. Von Mises distributions with applications in speech data. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and C.C. Taylor.


  • Kassim Mwitondi. Robust methods in data mining. Supervisors J.T. Kent and C.C. Taylor.


  • Salem Al-Gezeri. Modelling of multivariate data in archaeological geophysics. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Yousef El-Gimati. Bootstrapping techniques to improve classification methods. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.
  • Veronica Lima. Resistant fitting methods for statistical shape comparison. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Paul McDonnell. Planar shape distributions and image averaging. Supervisor K.V. Mardia and I.L. Dryden.


  • Karen Oldman. Classification of data from a digital chemical sensor array system. Supervisor C.C. Taylor.
  • Bree Waine. Face analysis and the bivariate wrapped Cauchy distribution. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and R.G. Aykroyd.


  • Rahman Farnoosh. Statistical analysis of nearly regular point patterns and images. Supervisors C.C. Taylor and I.L. Dryden.
  • Deborah Godwin. Deformations in shape analysis. Supervisor J.T. Kent.


  • Fikret Er. Robust methods in statistical shape analysis. Supervisors P.D.L. Constable and J.T. Kent.
  • Gary Walker. Robust, non-parametric and automatic methods for matching spatial point patterns. Supervisors J.T. Kent, I.L. Dryden, and C.A. Glasbey (BioSS, Edinburgh)


  • Jayne Kirkbride. Fusion, statistical shape and photograph identification. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Ian Moreton. Statistics of bilateral symmetry of shapes. Supervisor K.V. Mardia.
  • Mark Scarr. Texture modelling and classification using statistical image analysis. Supervisors C.C. Taylor and I.L. Dryden.


  • Gayle Allum. A statistical approach to inverse data problems in archaeological geophysics. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.
  • Catherine Anderson. Object recognition using statistical shape analysis. Supervisors J.T. Kent and I.L. Dryden.
  • Xiaojuan Feng. Shape analysis of fingerprint scans and spinal data. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and A.J. Baczkowski.
  • Mohsen Mohammadzadeh. Kriging methods in statistical spatial data. Supervisor J.T. Kent.
  • Gebriel Shamia. Statistical properties of generalized diversity indices. Supervisors D.N. Joanes and A.J. Baczkowski.
  • Harry Southworth. Classification of spatial data using neural networks and statistical methods. Supervisors K.V. Mardia and C.C. Taylor.
  • Stelios Zimeras. Statistical models in medical image analysis. Supervisor R.G. Aykroyd.