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Teaching Allocations and Timetables for 2017/18 - Information for Staff  

The Teaching Preference Survey (staff) and PGR Mathematics Tutorial and Marking Assistance Survey (PGR students) have now closed. 

Allocations By Name  (including email addresses) - lecturing, tutoring, marking, (exam marking help, transcription checking at a later date)

Allocations by Module  - with lecturer(s), list of tutors, markers, (exam marking helpers with room bookings, and transcription checkers at a later date)

Module Timetables
Please see below for a list of modules expected to be offered in the 2017/18 academic year.

2017/18 Maths Modules

If you would like to find out the Lecturer for a module in 2016/17, please use the Module Catalogue links on the left.  You can also find a list of Lecturers for modules offered over the last few years, here.

Checking Teaching Allocations and Teaching Timetables
Timetabling of teaching activities for the 2017/18 academic year is now almost completed. 
Please follow the instructions below to check the timetables for the modules you have been allocated to.
If anything looks incorrect or unclear please let Louise or Margit know as soon as possible.

Step 1
  • Check the Allocations by Name list to see which modules you have been allocated to as Lecturer or Tutor or Marker. You can see everyone allocated to the modules you are involved with on the Allocations by Module list.
Step 2
  • For the modules you have been allocated to, check the module timetables.  Choosing 'List View' will give you more information, including the staff allocated to each activity.  Please ignore the column labelled 'Size'. 

Please note:
  • Week patterns for 2017/18 can be found here. Some activities (tutorials, workshops, practicals, etc.) are only timetabled in specific weeks, and rooms have only been requested for these specific weeks. Please carefully check that you are clear which weeks each activity is taking place in. 
  • Module Lecturers have been allocated to at least one tutorial or workshop group for the modules they are teaching.
  • Central teaching space rooms will be allocated from May onwards.  Teaching staff will be reminded to check their room allocations at a later date.
  • All requests for times and room requirements which were submitted via the Teaching Preference Survey have been taken into account and accommodated where at all possible.
  • All Level 5M Financial Maths modules are timetabled by the Business School.
  • MATH3021/5021M are timetabled by Philosophy.
  • Personal staff timetables will be available on Faculty Services at a later date.

Additional Information for Postgraduate Tutors and Markers
  • In September (or shortly before), we will contact you to regarding paperwork relating to your tutoring and marking duties.  Once you have received this, please ensure you come to the Taught Student Office on level 8 of the School of Mathematics to sign your Teaching Activity Schedule Form, and a registration form if you have not undertaken tutoring or marking work with us before, so that we can make payments to you.
  • Postgraduate students who have not attended training previously, must do so.  This will be arranged for one day in September – further details will be circulated closer to the time.  You will normally receive payment for completing the training.
  • Before engaging in any teaching activity, make sure to read this Health & Safety Briefing.
  • In addition to contact and/or assessment hours, you will also receive payment for preparation time and holiday pay.  The total number of preparation, contact and assessment hours you are allocated for each Semester is totalled and then divided into three payments.  Payments are made on the last working day of the month.  In Semester 1, you should expect to receive payments at the end of October, November, December and January.  In Semester 2, we expect this would be February, March, April and May.  Holiday pay is calculated at the rate of an extra hour's pay for each 9.5 hours worked.  Note that each month's pay will not be equal, so if you suspect you have not been paid correctly please wait until the end of the payment period before letting us know.
  • There are two rates of pay.  Most duties are paid at the rate of around £14.56 an hour.  Computer workshops and practical assistance are paid at the rate of around £12.21 an hour.
  • Exam marking and transcription checking duties will be allocated at a later date.  The payments for this will normally be made at the end of February (for Semester 1) and July (for Semester 2).
  • You can find the Terms and Conditions for Postgrads involved in teaching and marking here: