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Teaching Enhancement Scheme

The School's Quality Enhancement Officer (Professor John Wood) oversees the Teaching Enhancement Scheme in the School.  Recall that this replaces the Peer Review of Teaching process which the School (and other Schools) ran a few years ago.

The aims of the Mathematics implementation of the TES are:

1.To address the School’s strategic priorities in student education, and engage teaching staff actively in new initiatives, policies, and enhancements;

2.To give teaching staff some choice in the theme they wish to get involved in;

3.To benefit all students and staff by outcomes being shared, and changes or initiatives being introduced across the School.

At the beginning of the academic year the School TSEC will agree on a list of TES themes, based on current issues, initiatives, strategic priorities and suggestions from staff and students, with some themes running for more than one year; see below for a list of themes for 2014/15. The Quality Enhancement Officer will contact all members of the teaching staff (academic, post-docs, RPGs involved in teaching or marking) and ask each member of staff to identify his/her top three choices for the themes they wish to participate in.  Post-docs, RPGs and temporary teaching staff may participate on a voluntary basis; permanent members of the teaching staff are required to participate. Participants will be organised into groups of approximately equal size (around 10) according to themes; some members of staff may be directed to join a particular group based on need or expertise. One member of each group will be asked to organise the activities of the group, be responsible for keeping records and for reporting to the Quality Enhancement Officer. Each group is responsible for organising meetings or communicating as appropriate for the theme. The School’s Research Wiki area can be used for record keeping and sharing information.  Groups are expected to meet at least once in each semester.

For details of the University Policy see

Information on the Teaching Enhancement Scheme in 2013-14 can be found here: TES 2013/14

Themes, Material and Membership for 2014/15

A list of themes for the TES in 2014/15 with a link to a brief for each group can be found below.

TES Forms for record keeping.

Final reports for each of the TES groups in 2014/15 can be found below:

Membership 2014/15
Staff - Last Name TES Group
Staff - Last Name TES Group
Agarwal 3

Lesnic 3
Aivaliotis 3

Lythe 5

Macpherson 1

Baczkowski 6

Barber 1

1, 9
Bogachev 3 (Convenor)

Chalykh 7 (Convenor)
Cooper 8


Moulopoulou 4, 9
Crawley-Boevey 1 (Convenor)

Niesen 4
Daws 2

Nijhoff 6
Elwes 6 (Convenor)
Palczewski 5
Evans 5

Parker 4
Falle 2

Partington 4 (Convenor)
Fordy 6

Read, C 6
Gambino 8

Read, D 1
Gilks 2

Ruckildge 8
Gosling 7

Ruijsenaars 4
Griffiths 2, 7

Schuster 3
Gusnanto 2 (Convenor)
Speight 2
Halupczok 7, 9 (Convenor)
Sturman 2
Harland 8 (Convenor)
Tange 8
Harlen 5
Taylor 2
Hollerbach 5
Thwaites 1
Houston 9
Tobias 2
Hughes 7
Truss 6
Issoglio 1
Varadarajan 4, 5, 9
Jones 1
Veretennikov 5 (Convenor)
Kelmanson 2
Voss 8
Kent 9
Walker 3
Kersalé 9
Ward 6
King 1
Wood, J 4
Kisil 5