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Remarks about Faculty Services

Faculty Services is a University online service for staff to access student and module data stored in Banner. 
It is often labelled as Student Services, or Web for Faculty.

What staff can find on Faculty Services:
  • Your teaching timetable - Go to FACULTY SERVICES, then VIEW TIMETABLE
  • Your module class lists to view and download (photos optional) - Go to FACULTY SERVICES, then SUMMARY CLASSLIST
  • Class lists for tutorials, workshops, etc. you are teaching - Go to FACULTY SERVICES, then STUDENT LIST BY ACTIVITY.
  • e-mail  all students on your module - Go to FACULTY SERVICES, then SUMMARY CLASSLIST, then MAIL ALL at the bottom of the page
  • Information about your personal tutees - Go to FACULTY SERVICES, then ALL TUTORED STUDENTS

Postgraduates Students who are teaching tutorials, workshops, etc. should be able to login to Faculty Services using their staff ID. You will find your staff ID number on your pay slip. If it is the first time you are logging in this way you would need to use the last 6 digits of your staff ID as the password. You will then be prompted to set a new password to use thereafter. You should then be able to access class lists for the activities you have been allocated to, as well as your teaching timetable as described above.