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Personal Tutoring
  • Personal tutors should use the resources and tutorial forms on Leeds for Life for the personal tutoring meetings. In addition the following resources might be useful:
  • Reminders with information about what to discuss will be sent out to staff and students at the relevant times.
A booking timetable for staff office doors can be found here:   excel   pdf

Schedule for Personal Tutoring Meetings

Year 1 students will meet with their Personal Tutor in teaching week 1 as a group. 
These meetings will be scheduled as part of the main teaching timetable, and will appear on individual staff and student timetables.

After this, students will then have individual personal tutoring meetings in weeks 5 or 6, and at the beginning of Semester 2.

YEARS 2, 3, and 4

Students will be asked to meet with their Personal Tutors at the beginning of each Semester to discuss, among other things:
    • their module choices;
    • their exam results;
    • their future/career plans;
    • extra-curricular opportunities;
    • any other concerns the student raises.