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Student Module Surveys

All lecturers are expected to carry out a student module survey using the forms below during one of the lectures for their module.
Email reminders will be sent out.
  • Please ask students to fill in the survey forms during the last 5 to 10 minutes of the lecture.
  • Staff in the Taught Student Office will then collate and record results.
  • Lecturers can add questions to the survey forms below if needed.
  • The School of Maths' Policy on student module surveys

The School Quality Enhancement Officer (Professor Serguei Komissarov) oversees the module survey process.

The current Student Module Survey Form can be found below:

Results of previous student module surveys can be found below:

2008/09:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2009/10:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2010/11:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2011/12:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2012/13:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2013/14:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2014/15:  Semester 1      Semester 2
2015/16:  Semester 1      Semester 2
  2016/17:  Semester 1      Semester 2  
                                                                          2017/18:  Semester 1