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Examinations Monitoring Group

The School of Maths Examinations Monitoring Group considers module marks, issues during the exam period, student complaints, and statistics for different student cohorts.  It meets after the Semster 1 and Semester 2 examination periods.

Membership 2017/18

Dr Derek Harland (Chair)
Assessment Lead

Dr Phil Walker
Director of Student Education

Professor Alastair Rucklidge
Head of School

Professor H Dugald Macpherson
Head of Pure Mathematics

Professor Mark Kelmanson
Head of Applied Mathematics

Professor Charles Taylor
Head of Statistics

Dr Kevin Houston
BSc Mathematics Programme Manager

Dr Andrew Baczkowski
MMath, BSc and BSc Mathematics and Statistics Programme Manager

Professor Serguei Komissarov
Quality Enhancement Officer

Mrs Louise Feaviour
School Education Service Manager (Minutes)