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Would you like to hear a maths lecture in your school/college?

The following members of the School of Mathematics are willing to visit you and give a talk of mutually agreed duration at a mutually agreed time. Talks are mainly intended for sixth formers but, in some cases, they might be accessible to some students in earlier years. To enquire about having a lecturer visit you, you are, in the first instance, invited to contact Professor S.M. Tobias at the School of Mathematics. Tel 0113 343 5172: e-mail smt@maths.leeds.ac.uk

Speaker Title
Prof. Garth Dales (1) Maths at Leeds
(2) Counting the real numbers (6th form only)
Dr. Alan Slomson (1) How to count, probably
(2) Polynomials and all that
Dr. Vladimir Kisil Symmetries around us
Prof. Jonathan Partington (1) Paradoxes and unplayable games (light hearted, elementary)
(2) What did Fourier do and what do people do now?
Prof. John Truss (1) Polyhedra
(2) Infinite sets    - and  other talks offered
Dr. David Salinger (1) Coding messages
(2) Untying knots
Dr. Kevin Houston (1) Maths and Magic
(2) Catastrophe!
Dr. Daniel Read Funny fluids and soft stuff: polymers, pizzas and Bird's custard
Prof. David Hughes Chaos: complicated behaviour from simple equations
Dr. Lionel Elliot Mathematics related to flying a glider
Prof. Sam Falle (1) Detonations
(2) Supernovae
Prof. Steven Tobias Chaos, sunspots and global warming
Prof. Chris Jones (1) Packing Problems
(2) Mathematics and the Solar System
Dr. Rob Sturman The Sound of Music
Dr. Eric Cole Space, Time and Cosmology.
Dr. Reg Allenby (1) 1729 and all that
(2) Primes, modular arithmetic and secret codes
Prof. Dugald Macpherson (1) The random graph
(2) Primes and public key cryptography
Dr. Oliver Harlen Wobbly bridges: Tacoma Narrows and the Millennium bridge
Dr. Paul Baxter (1) Lies, damned lies and statistics
(2) Paradoxes in probability and statistics: gambling and gender bias in undergraduate admissions.
Prof. Alastair Rucklidge The Mathematics of Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll
Mr. Tom Roper (1) Fibonacci and his rabbits (2hr workshop)
(2) Mathematical modelling in shape and space (2hr workshop)
(3) The mathematics of bowls
Prof. Alexander Verentennikov (1) Pascal triangle
(2) Combinatorics
(3) The induction method and what is called proof in mathematics
(4) Complex numbers and how useful they can be in A-level mathematics.
Dr. Andrew Baczkowski Ten ways to fail a statistics examination!
Dr. Stuart Barber (1) How to lie with statistics
(2) Random numbers: How to make them and what to use them for
Dr. Thomas Wagenknecht (1) Big networks and small worlds
(2) Cobwebs, pendulums and butterflies - the maths of chaos
Last updated: Sat 16 Feb 2008