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More Maths Grads

Leeds University is one of three regional partners who will be piloting the HEFCE "More Maths Grads" project over the next three years. HEFCE has provided £ 3 million with the aiming of increasing the number of students taking Mathematics and related degree courses. The pilot regions are Yorkshire and Humberside, based at Leeds University; East London, based at Queen Mary College; and the West Midlands based at Coventry University; with a curriculum component based at Sheffield Hallam University and with Birmingham University acting as the overall co-ordinator.

Tamasin Greenough Graham of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences will be the Regional Director for the pilot based in Leeds. Tamasin said: "This is an exciting project. The grant from HEFCE will enable us to employ two project officers to develop Mathematical enrichment and careers based activities for schools in the region. This will enable us to build on the many activities that we already organise for local students".

Alan Slomson, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Mathematics, who is also involved in this project added: "I am sure that the decision to base one of the pilots in Leeds University reflects the strong record that we already have for outreach activities, which is demonstrated both by the work of the Access Academy and within the School of Mathematics. We live in an increasingly mathematical world. Mobile phones, MP3s, SatNav and computer animation, to name but a few of things that we now almost take for granted, all depend on mathematics as well as clever engineering. If we are to continue to prosper, we will need more and more graduates with good mathematical skills. I hope that this project will help to produce them."

Project manager, Helen Orr, added, "The enormous expertise and experience Leeds University has with outreach work will give the project the impetus and drive to help more maths grads deliver successfully". Two new project officers, Ruth Holland and Hazel Kendrick have been appointed to deliver the project in this region. They can be contacted at moremaths@leeds.ac.uk .